The Watercraft Journal By The Numbers: August 2014

Everybody is saying that today marks the end of summer, and therefore the end of prime riding season. Sure, some of the signs are there, but from what we can see from looking around on social media, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, the Pro Watercross Tour has come to a dramatic conclusion, […]

JR Stars “Ride With A Pro” Day Scheduled For World Finals

It’s the event that kiddos everywhere look forward to every year – JR Stars Day. An event where young up-and-coming racers get the opportunity to work side-by-side with some of the greatest icons in jet ski racing learning safety, elements of racing and other important skills from riders like Chris Hagest, Kevin Reiterer, Tera Laho […]

Gallery: 2015 Kawasaki Ultra 310 JetSkis Spotted Early

Well, what can we say? Sometimes we get scooped. But this time around it wasn’t from a competitive news source or online blog. This time it was Brisbane Kawasaki who got the scoop on the newest models from Kawasaki. How? By having them show up on a flatbed truck in front of their dealership! Normally, […]

McGraw Powersports Partners With The Watercraft Journal for 2014

There are some serious “no brainers” out there when it comes to enjoying your personal watercraft: you wouldn’t ride without your life jacket, without proof of registration (or your registration stickers clearly installed), a license plate on your trailer, or anything else any law abiding boater would go without. It’s just good sense and helps […]

Seven Deadly Questions With Ron Self

The Watercraft Journal: Ron, how did you get involved in the PWC industry? Ron Self: I got into the industry in the summer of 1990 when I was renting out watercraft on Windy Point, Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. I caught the bug big time and went to a tech school to learn more and […]

Spin Doctors: Inside Skat-Trak Performance Products

“I’m going,” my father insisted when I announced that I was scheduled to tour the Calimesa, California, headquarters of legendary Skat-Trak Performance Products. The multi-acre facility perched off of the northern side of the Inland Empire’s 10 Freeway is an industrial version of the Winchester Mansion, a maze of cross-crossing expansions, additions and alterations that […]

Video: Van Beek’s Flip for Emerson GoPro Weekend

In late June, The Watercraft Journal let you know about the Van Beek’s Flip For Emerson GoPro Weekend – a couple of days of great freeride action scheduled for July 11-13th at Van Beek’s Landing, Hanford, CA. But it wasn’t about the backflips, can-cans or underflips that drew people in from several states away. We […]

Video: JetSkiShop Hosts Rough Ride to Whitehaven Beach

There’s a joke batting around the internet that everything in Australia wants to kill you. From poisonous spiders, venous snakes, great white sharks, jellyfish, stone fish, giant centipedes and drop bears (look it up), Australia is full of men carved out of rock and leather, and their national past time is little more than a […]

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