It’s a Wrap! Get Your Ultra a Whole New Look With Sticksone

As today’s modern runabouts become more and more advanced with electronic throttle controls, engine management systems and draw closer and closer to the watercraft that were once the things that won world championships, owners are finding ways of making their new purchases all that more personalized. In fact, we at The Watercraft Journal are big […]

WMF Watercraft Readies To Move A Pair of Fully-Built RXP-Xs

Wait, what? You might’ve seen these two stellar Sea-Doo RXP-Xs before. Built to order by WMF Watercraft for Amanda and Ryan Peters, these two machines were meticulously taken down, modified using some of the best parts and components made available by the personal watercraft industry, and reassembled, tuned and shown nationally in several boat shows […]

Standing For Something: Building Team Faith

You could hear a pin drop. No engines were cranking, no one was stirring. Not even the rowdiest racer interrupted as Brian O’Rourke took the microphone. “Speak to our hearts right now, teach us what you’d have us learn, show us the way you’d have us go, change us from the inside out, and ultimately […]

Real Review: Slippery Circuit Glove

One of the most neglected articles of riding gear (besides proper footwear) are gloves. It’s not often that we jump on a ski without a lifevest or even some protective eyewear, but gloves almost always go forgotten. It’s all the more confusing when considering that those who ride motorcycles are never without them. So what […]

Video: Luke Rotolone’s Wild Freeride Blaster Session

From the outside looking in, you would think that every Australian who loves riding personal watercraft in the surf is a professional freerider. More footage of amazing aerial action keep pouring out of the land Down Under than even America’s famed Oceanside, California. One talented athlete, Luke Rotolone, has been publishing his aquatic acrobatics on […]

Video: Meet The Beach Rover, The Ultimate PWC Dolly

Are you a full-sized runabout owner who wants to enjoy the ease and accessibility of launching your ski from the beach like those toting smaller stand-up jet skis? Because of the massive weight difference between the two, imagining hauling a hand-pulled balloon-tired dolly with 1,000-pounds of runabout on it down the shoreline is all but […]