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It Ain’t No Black Magic: 2018 Sea-Doo RXT 230

By mid-afternoon, Lake Havasu was churning like a bathtub. The IJSBA World Finals were chewing through their final motos for the day, and the noise carried over the water like a siren’s song. Add to ...

Gallery: RIVA Racing Limited-Edition 2018 Yamaha GP1800R (Video)

Real Review: Abaco Polarized’s Dockside Sunglasses

Green Hulk Fixes GP1800 Intake Grate Insert/Hull Cracking Issue

There’s been quite a bit of concern from many on the performance forums concerning the longevity of Yamaha’s lightweight NanoXcel2 hull material, particularly in regards to those with GP1800’s who are pushing their machines further ...

Say No To Thefts; How To Secure Your PWC When ...

Video: GreenHulk Intake Grate Shootout For GP1800 and VXR

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