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Real Review: JetPilot Flight Lace Up Race Boots

It’s a small point of pride that we at The Watercraft Journal have that we only do our product reviews on items that we actually get our hands on. Be it our monthly personal watercraft ...

Real Review: EZ Throttle Trigger Extension (Gallery)

A Hole In One: 2015 Yamaha VX Cruiser WaveRunner

Quick Tech: Cheap Factory Pipe Exhaust Leak/Anti-Sludge Fix

The Factory Pipe dry pipe is known for its wicked increase in power when installed on an SX-R 800 2-stroke. Unfortunately, what many find out later is that they are better known for angrily spitting ...

Unhinged: Keith Salles’ 107mph GPSHO Conversion Ski (Videos & Gallery)

Heavy Breathing: Pushing a Naturally-Aspirated Yamaha to Supercharged Speeds

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