Real Review: JetPilot Apex Side-Entry Nylon Vest

There are few brand names more synonymous with jet skiing, racing or just generally being part of the sport than JetPilot. The brand that now stretches into professional surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding and much, much more, earned its stripes first in the world of standup jet ski racing. The riding gear, wetsuit and apparel manufacturer quickly […]

Video: The Gibbs Quadski XL In Action Masters Land & Sea

As the summer season slowly draws to a close comes the time for manufacturers to unveil their new wares for the upcoming year. We watched the reveals roll out for all three OEMs, Yamaha, Kawasaki and finally Sea-Doo. We even are catching news from off-the-beaten path manufacturers, like the Ducati-inspired twin 1098cc concept we reported […]

Factory Yamaha Celebrates Dean’s Team/RIVA Racing Sweep of Pro Watercraft Tour Titles

This year’s Hydro-Turf Pro Watercross tour started well before the first rubber band snapped in Pensacola, Florida this past May. The word quickly broke that a handful of some of the most seasoned and talented runabout racers were lured from the Sea-Doo X-Team to the ever-growing Yamaha camp. Paired together with master-mechanic Dean Charrier and […]

What? 320HP Ducati-Inspired Jet Ski With Twin Ducati 1098 Engines

Long ago, Kawasaki penned the JS440 as the “dirt bike of the water.” And rightfully so. It was lightweight, agile, nimble and a whole lot of fun. But as current personal watercraft have evolved, grown and matured, so has the comparison. Today’s full-sized runabouts are supercharged, option-loaded, technological powerhouses, and so the stripped-down dirt bike […]

Gallery: 2015 Sea-Doo Lineup Officially Revealed

If the last few weeks are any sign of how 2015 is going to be, we’re off to a pretty rocky start. While we’re not dealing with Snowden-level espionage here, the amount of leaks springing up are enough to give the little Dutch boy fits. Back in early August, only a day before the official […]

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