Real Review: Jet Renu’s Dri Wash MX

So there you stand in your garage, marveling at the dizzying assortment of cleaning products lurking in the dusty cabinets. There are automotive waxes, protectants, polishes and washes galore, but their use is specific and definite. “Do not use on plastics or fiberglass,” “Not safe for use on clear coats,” and other terrifying warning labels […]

You Can Own James Bushell’s Insane Turbo Sea-Doo RXP

We’ve been posting quite a bit of racing coverage this week, and while we’d like to take a much needed breather from the fast-paced world of PWC competition, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention how you (yes, you!) can own the one of the fastest machines to have scorched the water. Ten-time World […]

A Little on Injured Veteran PWC Racer Anthony Radetic

[Editor's note: This letter came across our desk at the same time PWCOffshore's Mark Gerner had it published across his website's various social media outlets. Nevertheless, I felt it was an invaluable piece worthy of publication here at The Watercraft Journal. Even though I don't regard The Journal as a "racing magazine" - despite all […]

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