IJSBA Announces Saturday Night Under The Bridge Freestyle Show


It’s no small thing that both articles today are announcements pertaining to the upcoming Jettribe IJSBA World Finals happening the second weekend in October. This morning’s news that Hydro-Turf and Macc Racing will be ponying up some serious cash for the winner of the second annual “Flip Off” backflip competition is now paired with the return of the Under The Bridge Freestyle Show.

Hosted in the shadow of Lake Havasu’s famous London Bridge, the Under The Bridge Show will be held that Saturday night, October 11th, before the final day of racing. On hand will be demonstrations from Flyboard, Sea-Doo and Bomboard while the freestyle competitors will show off their skills before a massive audience gathering along the bridge and on either sides of the channel.

Of course, the best place to take in the action is famous waterfront nightclub Kokomo’s, so get there early to get the best front-row spot!

The original release:

Blowsion, Bun Freestyle, Flyboard, Sea-Doo, Bomboard, Jetlift, and others will be bringing back the successful Saturday night Freestyle show under the London Bridge on October 11th. Product demonstrations from Bomboard, Sea-Doo, and Flyboard will frontload a session of the Jettribe World Finals’ Professional Freestyle Athletes as they attempt to add winning points to their tally.

Top finishing competitors from Saturday’s Pro Freestyle competition, at Crazy Horse Campgrounds and Resort, will gather at the London Bridge Resort at approximately 5:30. A custom rail system, provided by Jetlift, will be used to lower the competitors into the channel while spectators enjoy product demonstrations from Flyboard, Sea-Doo, and Bomboard.

Freestyle competition will begin at approximately 6:00PM. Last year, thousands gathered along the shore under the London Bridge and we expect more this year. We recommend people get to the shoreline early, or make their way into Kokomo’s for the best chance at prime viewing.

For any questions about the 2014 Jettribe World Finals or the Under The Bridge Freestyle Show, please email: info@ijsba.com

Hydro-Turf Sponsors Second Annual Macc Racing Flip-Off


flip-off-2014-postIf you didn’t already have a good enough reason to be at this year’s 2014 Jettribe IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Hydro-Turf has stepped in to partner with Macc Racing for the second annual Flip-Off competition!

Held the final day of the Finals, Sunday October 12th after the Pro freestyle heat, this year’s winner will not only receive the massive winner-take-all $2,000 purse (provided by Macc Racing and Hydro-Turf), they will also be crowned the World

Record Holder as the Guinness Book Of World Records will be on hand (that is, provided the winner completes over 20 flips, effectively breaking last year’s winner Daniel Martin’s record).

The Xscream rider will of course return to defend his title that he claimed over Kazu Sakaida.

2014 Flip-Off Rules (subject to change):

1. The competitor’s routine starts when the first flip goes into motion.
2. The competitor’s routine when movement or momentum stops for any reason.
3. The flip must be continuous from the last flip as a fluid movement, any shift in momentum, including setting up for another flip, will end the routine.
4. Failing to land a flip will end the routine.
5. One tie breaking round will be held if necessary.

Video: Jetovator Featured on Travel Channel’s “Ride-iculous!”

There’s no shortage new toys that quickly attach to the jet pump of a personal watercraft these days. Whether you want to fly with a jetpack strapped to your back, lock your feet in to a Flyboard, try your hand at a jet-powered Hoverboard or streak across the sky like Iron Man, water-propelled flight has become the newest form of entertainment.

The Jetovator is not exactly new but still makes us smile. It’s bicycle-like design provides significantly more stability than say, the Hoverboard and allows for a full range of motion while maintaining a feeling closer to a sport bike.

Late last year, the Jetovator was featured on the Travel Channel’s “Ride-iculous!” program, showing riders a series of complicated rolls, stalls, dives and flips. The thrust of the the center jet helped maintain plenty of height while the side thrusters manipulated the direction and pitch of the bike.

Below is the official press release for the Jetovator with the clip featured on “Ride-iculous!”

Are you ready to take watersports airborne?

The JETOVATOR, designed and built in the USA by Jetavation Inc, is an easy to install watersports accessory that utilizes the jet thrust of any standard personal watercraft(PWC) to propel and elevate a light-weight, flying bike.

Designed with the familiarity and comfort of a motorcycle, riders can fly at speeds up to 25 MPH, dive 10 feet below the water, and even perform daring aerial stunts such as barrel rolls and back flips. The Jetovator can reach heights up to 30 feet utilizing high volume, low pressure water supplied via a 40 foot hose connected to the thrust output of a standard PWC.

The Jetovator is one of several new water-propelled flying devices in the fast growing vertical watersports segment, and the Jetovator offers the highest level of safety and ease of use.

Jetovator pilots are able to control their own height and direction by manipulating the two front control nozzles. The Jetovator pilot is assisted by a trained instructor onboard the trailing PWC who can limit the speed, height, and provide aide if needed to new riders. The safety features have made it a perfect rental for marinas and resorts looking for an attractive new watersports alternative.

The experience is up to YOU! Mild or wild; Jetovator is fun for all skill levels.

Help Support JetSki Smart Class For Kids

With the recent release of the Sea-Doo Spark (and the rumored Spark-fighter from Yamaha for 2015 – Ed.), it has been clear that there has been a surge towards youth riding within the industry. With this recent growth, it has also been made clear that potential irresponsibility could severely push the industry backward.

Many people have made changes in order to prevent setbacks; one in particular is Chris Kraft. Kraft, an Oklahoma native, is also an avid PWC enthusiast who, like many, have been involved in the industry since he was young. It is his love for personal watercraft that has sparked a concept with hopes to help our industry regain momentum.

Kraft plans to open a PWC training course for the public, one that will teach individuals how to handle the extreme power of today’s machines.

In order to kick off his training school, Kraft has opened a GoFundMe account. This fundraiser is being used to raise money for equipment, jetski repairs, life jackets, buoys and other necessary items.

Chris wrote, “Hey friends, check out our gofundme campaign! If you have or know of any kids that might be interested in taking classes, please share the campaign as well! $1 goes a long way when everyone donates! Dig into your sofa cushions, clean out your car, look in the bottom of your purse, and please help us get this going!”

To donate to Kraft’s cause, follow the hyperlink above.

Lake Havasu City Council Approves Acquisition of Body Beach

Nine acres of the world famous Body Beach – a half-mile stretch of undeveloped, fee-free lakefront land on the eastern shores of Arizona’s Lake Havasu, frequented by boaters and personal watercraft enthusiasts for several decades – will officially be up for grabs to the highest bidder by early 2015.

According to HavasuNews.com, funding for the acquisition has already been approved by the Lake Havasu City Council, with plans to ultimately expand the popular Rotary Park into the neighboring area currently known as “Body Beach.” Though the city will be forced to bid against other developers for purchase of the land, it will be given preference due to their current lease of the entire 47.5-acre parcel from Arizona State Land Department (ASLD).

Development plans have yet to be finalized, however, and according to deputy city manager Larry Didion, the city will most likely ask for the public’s input on exactly how to best use the land, if purchased.

A call to action has already sparked to life on the Internet and Facebook, with activists vowing to begin circulating pledges, writing letters to city officials, and rallying local businesses to support keeping this tabernacle of personal watercraft racing open and free to everyone.

For over fifteen years, supporters of an unadulterated Body Beach have voiced their collective concern over the potential acquisition and development of Body Beach, with a surprising amount of support given from local business, concerned citizens, even city government officials to keep the day-use area open and fee-free. With a partial acquisition on the table, however, many are predicting that this will be the end of Body Beach – at least as the community has come to know it for the last 30 years.

More Speed? A New Look? WMF Watercraft Can Customize Your New PWC

Last year, the personal watercraft industry reported over 30,000 new units sold. Of course, the numbers varied from one OEM to the other, but of those thousands of PWC, nearly half of them were Sea-Doos. That’s pretty dang impressive and an indicator that BRP is making a product that people like and that people want. Dealers happily met public demand and boat ramps and launches across the world were quickly filled with like-minded boaters.

While this is great for our industry, we at The Watercraft Journal see one problem: there’s a lot of personal watercraft out there that look the same. That’s why we love the work going on at Millsboro, Delaware’s WMF Watercraft. Their service department isn’t just changing oil or winterizing skis each winter, but busy customizing supercharged full-tilt runabouts with the best go-fast equipment the aftermarket has to offer. And the WMF Custom Work shop is available to you.

We’ve already showcased what we think is possibly one of the coolest offerings we’ve seen: the WMF Edition Sea-Doo RXP-X 320. This performance package radically transforms a plain old 260-horsepower RXP-X into a closed course killer, a lake-shredding rocket ship, producing a real 320-horsepower thanks to a bevvy of RIVA Racing performance parts a RIVA Pro Series Steering system, billet iControl levers, RIVA Cold Air Intake kit, RIVA intake grate, RIVA Pro Series sponsons, RIVA Billet Trim Tabs, RIVA rear mat, Solas Impeller, RIVA Free Flow Exhaust, RIVA Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit, RIVA So-Con GPS overide, an ECU reflash.

While this cherry machine can be yours for 16,999, the WMF Custom Shop can option your Sea-Doo or Yamaha FZ or FX series runabout with any number of parts, components and even finish your ride with custom paint and graphics. WMF has been the exclusive builder of all of GEICO Racing’s Sea-Doos that have been making the boat show circuit, the very same skill and execution is available to you.

You Can Own James Bushell’s Insane Turbo Sea-Doo RXP

We’ve been posting quite a bit of racing coverage this week, and while we’d like to take a much needed breather from the fast-paced world of PWC competition, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention how you (yes, you!) can own the one of the fastest machines to have scorched the water.

Ten-time World Champion James Bushell of 158 Performance is selling his wicked Sea-Doo Centre-built turbocharged Sea-Doo RXP-X.

Handcrafted for the 2013 IJSBA World Finals, Bushell later took the very same custom runabout to Dubai to compete, wherein the Lincolnshire, England native proved his 500-horsepower machine was clearly capable of 90 miles-per-hour, with staggering acceleration of 0-to-80mph in two seconds.

Details pertaining to the build are still kept under lock and key, so to learn the true in’s and out’s, you’ll have to contact Bushell directly. For those interested in dramatically stepping up their game, the #158 Sea-Doo does come in custom livery, including this detailed wrap and paint scheme.

The savvy onlooking will note the hood and cowling from a GTI/GTR, as Bushell notes the GTI models have a lower center of gravity over the RXP-X.

Clearly a new billet steering neck and sponsons, Jettrim seat and mats and large diameter Skat-Trak pump and impeller are only a few of the long list of goods included. This wicked ski can be yours for £14,999 (or $25,500), which is really affordable when you consider the cost of a new RXP-X, the parts and labor invested to build, tune and test the new powertrain, and the custom components designed specifically for it.

Jet Renu Now on Amazon.com, Supports Nanette Sanchez For ’14 World Finals

It was just over a year ago when the maker of personal watercraft cleaning and detailing sprays and cleaners, Jet Renu burst onto the scene. Now celebrating the beginning of its second year in the industry, Jet Renu has already built a pretty substantial name for itself, becoming a major presence at the Jettribe West Coast PWC Series, the Jettribe Long Beach-to-Catalina Offshore Championship and even the IJSBA World Finals (also supported by Jettribe – man, those dudes are everywhere!).

Only recently, the manufacturer of total care products for your PWC announced that Jet Renu will be the main sponsor for Nanette Sanchez at this year’s Jettribe IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Part of the “Bad Betty Squadron,” Nanette is a mainstay of the Jettribe West Coast PWC Series’ Sport Spec class aboard her ’96 Sea-Doo HX – where she recently placed sixth overall Saturday and fourth.

Sanchez will pilot her Sport Spec Sea-Doo this October 10-12, 2014 with the support of Kommander Industries, Jettribe, Impros, LG1, and her husband and Vintage Ski racer Aaron Sanchez, in addition to Jet Renu.

Speaking of which, after a long, uphill climb, Jet Renu is now available for shoppers both domestically and internationally on Amazon.com. In short time, the giant mega-online vendor has opened up the PWC cleaner company to a wide swathe of countries with enthusiasts looking for a superior product to maintain their ski’s finish.

Video: Jet Ski Fishing Show Followed by Killer Whales While Fishing

Killer whale surfing

Riding personal watercraft is an interesting experience as every now and again, Mother Nature likes to remind you just where you’re playing. Be it a sudden onset of really rough water, winds or other unsavory weather, sometimes we get thrown a quick reminder of just how small we all are on this big blue planet.

Last year, the crew of Australia’s Jetski Fishing Channel were shown this very thing as they were filming an episode of the Jetski Fishing Show in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf just off of the coast of New Zealand. As they were underway, the skis drew the attention of a group of Orcas who decided it might be fun to tag along.

Below is a few minutes of the Jetski Fishing Channel’s encounter with these Killer Whales, who, as you’ll see, dramatically dwarf the watercraft they are riding. Although the whales don’t get “danger close,” they do manage to impress and intimidate the riders, as we’re sure they would to any of us.

A Little on Injured Veteran PWC Racer Anthony Radetic

[Editor's note: This letter came across our desk at the same time PWCOffshore's Mark Gerner had it published across his website's various social media outlets. Nevertheless, I felt it was an invaluable piece worthy of publication here at The Watercraft Journal. Even though I don't regard The Journal as a "racing magazine" - despite all of the racing coverage we've published these last few days - I am forever impressed with the mettle of character of persons that I encounter at racing events. -Kevin]

I am not inspired easily, Anthony Radetic inspires me. Many people crumble when presented with adversity or true challenges; they find a way out, convince themselves that it can’t be done, take the path of least resistance, try to change the rules or find excuses. Not Anthony Radetic. Anthony is a former Army Blackhawk pilot and injured veteran, he is a spinal cord paraplegic and spends some time in a wheelchair. That is, when he’s not swimming, on a jet ski, competing in competitive hand cycling events, competitive and professional skiing at the international level which includes backflips and other impressive feats of athleticism and all other sports that he can compete in.

Anthony decided he would be the first person in history to get out of his wheelchair, mount a personal watercraft (jet ski) and take on the annual Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship 58 mile race. This race intimidates most seasoned jet ski/PWC racers due to the channel’s unpredictable and potentially rough conditions that involve traveling out to sea 28 miles to a turn boat off Catalina and Back to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The channel can be flat and clear one moment and within 15 minutes winds, fog and currents can kick up whitecaps and six footers. Anthony was not intimidated, and he did it yesterday. Quite an accomplishment! Congratulations to Anthony Radetic and all respects from all of us at PWCOffshore.com for this tremendous accomplishment.

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