Video: Van Beek’s Flip for Emerson GoPro Weekend

In late June, The Watercraft Journal let you know about the Van Beek’s Flip For Emerson GoPro Weekend – a couple of days of great freeride action scheduled for July 11-13th at Van Beek’s Landing, Hanford, CA. But it wasn’t about the backflips, can-cans or underflips that drew people in from several states away. We […]

Video: JetSkiShop Hosts Rough Ride to Whitehaven Beach

There’s a joke batting around the internet that everything in Australia wants to kill you. From poisonous spiders, venous snakes, great white sharks, jellyfish, stone fish, giant centipedes and drop bears (look it up), Australia is full of men carved out of rock and leather, and their national past time is little more than a […]

Kevin Shaw: The Man Who Killed The JetSki

The condensation beading off the sides of my bottled water fell freely like raindrops, pooling into a wet spot in the table cloth. The shade of the large lakeside pavilion did little to shield from the oppressive humidity. Yamaha’s 2015 Media Introduction was an attractive affair, gathering members of the press from the boating and […]

Video: Turn Your Jet Ski Into a Sealver Wave Boat

You were kind of expecting this, right? With today’s runabout personal watercraft taking on more and more conveniences and technologies, it was only a matter of time before they actually became full-sized boats, right? OK, we know we’re being a little facetious but with Yamaha’s latest salvo of advances to their FX, FZ and all-new […]

JL Audio Announces FX Cruiser SHO Sound System

Clearly this has been Yamaha’s week. Not only did they announce the huge relaunch of the completely redesigned VX series, the new V1 and V1 Sport Spark-fighter, and the performance-enhancing NanaXcel 2 ultra lightweight decks, liners and hulls for the already awesome SVHO series, they also blew the doors wide open with their dual throttle […]

Woman Jumps Watercraft Over Truck While Trying To Load

When it comes to watercraft and safety; carelessness comes at a pretty hefty price. Recently in Cornelius, North Carolina, on August 13, while enjoying a good day at Ramsey Creek Park, Lake Norman, a 59-year old-woman was injured while loading up her Sea-Doo on the trailer. According to a report by WSCOTV, while bringing her […]

Young Guns: Meet Demian Morgan

Sixteen-year-old Demian Morgan is one of few young ladies to have taken the plunge into freeriding. Completely separate from freestyle, freeriding takes plenty of bravery and a taste for wicked tricks. The Washington native grew interested in freeriding from her father, who she considers one of her biggest role models. Demian recently competed at her […]

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