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We Announce The Watercraft Journal 2014 Watercraft of The Year

It struck us as being incredibly premature to make an announcement as to which new personal watercraft model would be the best for the year until say, the end of the year. That is why ...

The Watercraft Journal’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Jet Skiers

Real Review: Fly Racing F2 Acetylene Helmet

Quick Tech: Rigging A Jet Ski For Offshore Fishing

Out-rigging a personal watercraft for offshore fishing use isn’t as expensive as you might think, but then again, to do it right (and have it last), it takes more than a bunch of PVC pipe ...

Quick Tech: Cheap Factory Pipe Exhaust Leak/Anti-Sludge Fix

Unhinged: Keith Salles’ 107mph GPSHO Conversion Ski (Videos & Gallery)

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