Gallery: Wavedaze 2014 Had Everything But Waves

This year Mother Nature was cooperative with beautiful, sunny and warm weather, possibly the warmest Wavedaze ever. Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn’t so kind with the surf conditions. The swell was small and weak, and high winds created choppy water. Wavedaze was moved two weeks earlier this year, but it didn’t stop people from coming; Dan […]

Beware! Counterfeit RRP Rickter Hulls Scam Would-Be Buyers

Today’s hyper-competitive world of freestyle jet skiing requires the very best in equipment. Long gone are the freestyle tricks that made Scott “Hollywood” Watkins legendary – 360s and headstands in the tray, fountains and nosestabs. If you’re not attempting a scarecrow or no-handed backflips, you’re not on the scoreboard. So when you fork over your […]

PWIA Launches 2nd Annual Safe Rider Program

In an effort to help support safe boating practices, promote education and personal watercraft responsibility, the Personal Watercraft Industry Association (PWIA) has kicked off its second annual “PWC Safe Rider” program. Sponsored by the PWIA and supported by its members BRP Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki, the Safe Rider program encourages riders to take the “safe […]

Cash Payout For 2014 LB2CAT Manufacturer Stock Class (Updated)

Say, y’know what’s pretty cool? Winning. Y’know what makes winning even cooler? Getting paid for winning. And that’s what’s happening at this year’s Long Beach to Catalina Offshore Championship. Just recently,’s Mark Gerner announced that he’ll be tossing in a $500.00 bonus payout for the winner of the 2014 LB2CAT Manufacturer Stock Class who […]

Gallery: Eric Francis’ KaruJet Race Journal (Updated)

DAY ONE: GETTING THERE It’s possibly the most hardcore offshore race in the world. The Karujet is a four day race around Guadeloupe, the southernmost Leeward Island in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Well, not entirely. Guadeloupe is actually two islands: Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, separated by the Salt River. Welcoming some of the biggest names in […]

Video: Jobe PWC Movie 2014

It wasn’t but last week that we helped announce the Miss Ruthless 2015 contest (which, if you’re looking to enter, you’re running out of time), and now we’re happy to share Jobe’s PWC Movie for 2014. Although it’s not much of a movie, but really a fun teaser of their new 2014 “Ruthless” personal watercraft […]

Here’s Your Chance to Work For Hurricane Industries!

Derrick Kemnitz’s ad starts, “Any Bay Area locals looking for a job, or know of someone who is?” Thankfully, as the winter months have warmed to Spring, so has the demand for state-of-the-art lightweight carbon fiber freestyle and freeride hulls. “Business is booming and I’m looking to get a fourth person in the production line […]

Renaissance Man: 2014 Yamaha FX SVHO WaveRunner

A couple of years back, Yamaha performed a few modifications to the hull of the brand’s existing full-sized three-seater runabout, the FX series. By extending the keel the length of the ski, sharpening the chines and a few other tweaks, Yamaha hoped to infuse a little more excitement into its top-of-the-line segment. Although fine machines […]