Case of The Mondays: Surf The Air By Wireless Remote Control

Have you always wanted to become a virtuoso of surfing but woefully lacked the talent, athleticism, or fortitude to fight off the crowds of kooks, groms and hodads? Yeah, us too. That’s why the Lift eFoil is looking like something we might be able to get into. Produced by Lift, the personal hydrofoil manufacturers who pretty much made the sport cool, the eFoil is what they’re calling “the next generation of hydrofoils.”

The Lift eFoil is a state-of-the-art hydrofoil board powered by a silent electric motor and controlled via a fully programmable computer and a wireless hand controller. So what makes it so cool in our eyes? The fact that it requires no waves, surf or wind to propel the foil – just saddle up and hit the trigger, the electric motor does all the work (you just need to keep your balance well enough to stay aboard).

The eFoil uses a custom lithium battery built for a rugged marine environment that can last up to an hour when ridden at 15mph (of course depending on rider weight/speed) and is enclosed in a corrosion protected, IP67 waterproof housing. The battery also requires a scant 2.5 hours to fully recharge, so you won’t be down long – and you can easily swap out the battery for a charged one. There’s actually quite a bit of information on the board to review, and while it’s not available yet, they are accepting pre-orders.

Lift Presents the Future of Family Fun! from Lift Foils on Vimeo.

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Kevin Shaw

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