Finally! JL Audio Adds SlamPak Audio System for ’13 & Up Yamaha FX WaveRunners


JL Audio has been around for years and has been providing thousands of people with quality sound for their cars and personal speakers. Well, now you can equip your towing vehicle with JL Audio speakers and when you launch your Yamaha WaveRunner you can take that sound with the SlamPak Audio System. When JL Audio announced the SlamPak Audio system for all ’13 and up Yamaha FX WaveRunners package just a few days ago, people were asking tons of questions about the specifics and the price.

The kit that makes up the SlamPak includes: 1 MBT-CRX BlueTooth Controller/Receiver, 1 Pair of VeX Enclosed Speaker Pods containing 6.5-inch Marine Coaxial Speakers, 1 Stealthbox Subwoofer System containing 8.8-inch Marine Subwoofer Driver, 1 MX500/4, 4-Channel Marine Amplifier, Plug-n-Play Harness with waterproof connectors, Marine-grade circuit breaker, power cable, speaker cable, audio cable, and an all stainless Steel Mounting Brackets & Hardware.

One might ask how you can fit all of that onto a WaveRunner but as you can see if the pictures, it’s possible and it does not look out of place. JL Audio hit a grand slam when they were creating this package as they could have just stopped at speakers but figured out a way to implement a 8.8-inch Subwoofer! One of the key features is the Bluetooth connection so that you can keep your phone in a drybag and not worry about it getting wet. The price is currently not set but the package will be available in January 2017.

Andy Oxenhorn, President of JL Audio says, “This SlamPak is sure to transform any FX WaveRunner into a really serious music machine. Listening to a system with high power, and a real subwoofer, while riding is a real game-changer.” This is extremely exciting news and with the New Year already in full speed this can be a great package to turn your Yamaha WaveRunner into the well-known bass kicking, speaker thumping watercraft out on the water. Imagine taking a break from riding and cranking the tunes with your friends!

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Blake Ellestad

Blake Ellestad

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