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We were lucky to spend some time with Gary Day who let us know about his experience owning a Jetsurf:

If the saying is true, he who dies with the most toys wins, then I’m ready to claim the prize as I have discovered the ultimate toy, the Jetsurf. Sure, spellcheck might not recognize the word yet, but it’s just a matter of time before we have all heard its name. And as a water sport junkie, I thought that at my ripe old age of 45, I had seen it all, rode it all, and got the t-shirt to boot! But then along came the Jetsurf. The Jetsurf feels like a combination of a jet ski and a snowboard. And with a 90cc engine, the Jetsurf can catapult your surfing/lake riding experience to new heights!

I purchased the Race model with the 90cc engine in February of 2017 from Jetsurf Factory in Miami, Florida, and have taken it out for hardcore ski sessions on about 12 different occasions; one of the benefits of living in the Sunshine State of Florida is being able to ski in February!

I took it out on a few local lakes where the conditions were glassy, which made it ideal for getting up on the board. It made for an easier ride, and allowed for better carving. Throttle control is by far the most important element to getting up and riding with grace. Within a couple days of riding, I had gotten into my own rhythm of standing and throttling to make the launch a smooth process. I highly recommend wearing a life vest with the buckles on the side so you don’t scratch up your shinny new toy. The biggest difference I found was that on a jetsurf you use so much more of your body to lean into a turn which makes it feel like snowboarding. Yet after roughly two days on the water, it felt natural to me.

In my experience, if you had to start off in the middle of the lake, you have to get up on the board from a surfing position. However, the area between the foot bindings is a bit slick so I added Hydro-Turf traction mat, which definitely helps for when you’re in choppy conditions. The hand throttle was made of hard plastic and so I wrapped bright orange Hydro-Turf around it as well, which softened it up and also made it stand out when it’s floating off the side of the board.


Within days, my thrill-seeking nature had me trying to jump boat wakes on the lake. The horsepower is enough to launch you a good distance off the water. This of course, begged the question: how would this puppy handle on the rough waves of the ocean? So off I went! I have taken the Jetsurf to Daytona Beach twice. The first day was slightly choppy conditions making the initial standing and launching a bit more difficult. The second day was ideal. Smooth and glassy with 4-to-6 foot waves. This was by far my best experience thus far on the Jetsurf.

Unlike surfing where you are limited to the wave you rode, the Jetsurf allows you to push your way down a wave and cruise back around to catch the next wave, all without stopping. The only thing I may add or change to the Jetsurf is a quicker ignition (the current ignition starts in five seconds after you insert magnetic plug) for when you’re down and waves are coming at you quick. Jetsurfing in the surf is NOT for beginners. You definitely need to get a good feel for the machine before attempting the pinnacle of rides at the beach.

One of the best aspects of the Jetsurf is its portability. It is heads above the most portable watercraft I have ever owned. I used to think my hitch hauler was convenient for my standup jetski, but the Jetsurf has it beat. It comes in a backpack. The board slides right into my Jeep. And with my standup, I have to bring a beach dolly/cart, an item I can now happily leave at home as I Jetsurf the beach waves. The Jetsurf also comes with its own stand; a tripod of sorts, that is lightweight and folds up for very easy storage when not in use.

As for fuel, you don’t use even half of what is used with a jet ski. The Jetsurf only has a ¾-gallon tank. The only downside I see is that the oil needed for the Jetsurf is the fully synthetic 2-cycle type, which is close to triple the cost of the oil I use in my jet ski. A small price to pay for the savings you get on fuel.

I have 25 years of experience riding jet skis, surfing, snowboarding, you name it! I love doing radical and daring tricks on my standup ski. However, if you get a Jetsurf, I can tell you this: you will be the envy of all watercraft enthusiasts! Every single day I have taken my Jetsurf on a lake, someone always stops me to ask what this cool thing is that I’m riding. I became the local attraction both days I went to the beach, causing crowds to stand around watching this strange new vehicle they saw whizzing around in the surf culminating in Beach Patrol spending an hour intriguingly asking me about my uniquely different toy!

I think the Jetsurf is a great combination of all the toys I love, it is a thrill to ride, and it is so easy to transport and maintain. In my opinion, the Jetsurf is ideal for any jet skier who also enjoys either surfing or snowboarding. And at just $10,000, many enthusiast can afford to add this to their toy collection! If you’re a watercraft thrill seeker like me, I would highly recommend picking one up at Jetsurf Factory!

All photography courtesy of PaviPix

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