Video: Haul Your Yamaha To The Water in Yamaha’s Concept Truck

The Yamaha Motor Corporation showed off its new concept truck at the 2017 Tokyo Motorshow. According to the Yamaha company, its Cross Hub Concept vehicle is aimed at connecting the active and urban lifestyles of Yamaha enthusiasts. The focus is on making everything “just the right size”. Yamaha designers kept the body size conducive to traveling on or off-road. They achieved this by keeping the truck small enough to maneuver through city streets and maintain the ability to hit the dirt.

The vehicle is designed to seat four adults while leaving plenty of cargo room for transporting other Yamaha recreational products. The bed has the capacity to either carry two SuperJet WaveRunners, two Yamaha dirt bikes (one full size and one mini bike), or a single ATV. The truck can be loaded with camping gear or numerous other items. Whether you’re an on the go type of person who one is spontaneous and likes adventure, the Yamaha Cross Hub is made for you. This idea is the “hub” of the total concept.

It also appears designed for a minimalist who likes to have fun. It is a compact vehicle and is similar to a European type automobile. The truck is sleek with its nice lines and futuristic styling. The interior is bright and complete with many gadgets. Yamaha hasn’t released many details pertaining the vehicle. That’s why we’ve focused on the unique seating arrangement and the versatility of the machine.

The interior has a diamond layout to meet the needs of comfortably seating four adults. The development team positioned the drivers seat forward and in the middle of the cabin and centered the steering wheel. The three passenger seats surround the drivers seat, with one directly behind. This particular style of seating left room for plenty of cargo space in the bed.

Yamaha stayed true to itself by designing the vehicle similar to its other products. An example of this is by using the wood paneling inspired by the look and feel of their boat decks. The Yamaha Cross Hub Concept vehicle is a nice looking ride and complements Yamaha’s line of motorized products. We’ll let you know if and when it comes to market.

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