How Sea-Doo Maximizes Its Florida Test Facility

An article presented online by Boating Magazine lets us know a bit about the Florida Sea-Doo testing facility. Testing in real conditions in Florida waters sounds like the perfect environment to give a PWC a thorough beating. The testing areas are located in Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.

Anyone who rides in saltwater knows that if their ski isn’t properly maintained after each ride, it’s only a mater of time before rust, corrosion, and other salt water contaminants cause major problems. Sea-Doo understands this, which is why all of the Sea-Doo models are put through the wringer in the many different conditions of Florida waters. PWC are driven and tested in the extreme elements of salt, sand, and sun. All of the testing happens before the latest Sea-Doo goes into production. The company wants you to have the best ski it can offer. That’s why the brutal testing goes on for the lifetime of each Sea-Doo model, which makes Sea-Doo one of the more innovative watercraft brands.

One example of Sea-Doo’s ingenuity is the Closed-Loop Cooling System. Some key benefits of this type of system are that salt water and other items are kept from clogging the engine through the cooling system. Also, engine temperature is continually maintained, therefore engine performance is enhanced due to a consistent engine temperature. Less maintenance is required with the use of a closed loop cooling system. That’s a bonus.

The Sea-Doo testing area is also useful for hull experimentation, especially when the water is choppy. Hull research and development has resulted in more stable, durable, and responsive designs. If you decide to purchase a Sea-Doo, you know the model has been thoroughly tested and ridden in all conditions prior to manufacturing. A Sea-Doo will last you for years to come with minimal maintenance.

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