Own Mark Gomez’s Kommander Matrix Freeride/Freestyle Ski

OK, let’s just get this out there first: $9,499 doesn’t get you a whole lot in this sport. Sure, a new Yamaha SuperJet will cost you $1,000 less out the door, but that’s in factory floor stock condition. But do you know what $9,499 will get you right now? Mark Gomez’s insane blue/silver Kommander-powered, Trinity Matrix-hulled, Blowsion-painted freeride ski. And no, what you’re getting is NOT the stripped down gutted version, either. Nope. You’re getting the real deal here.

Possibly one of the single-most photographed skis piloted by a professional jet skier in the last year and a half, this ski began life in Bobby Howering’s Trinity Composites Melborne, FL shop. Based off of (and compatible with all parts from) a 1996-2007 Yamaha SuperJet, the Trinity Matrix hull is built from fiberglass vinyl ester, and according to Mark Gomez, has had the hull recently reinforced, hand trued, and re-gelcoated.

Mark continues, “it also has a newer heavy duty paint matched freeride hood, reinforced splash guard, and complete custom Hydro-Turf mat kit installed with 1-inch padding for heavy surf landings and comfort.”

“The benefits to the hull over the Superjet besides the overall strength look and quality is being -2 inches shorter than the SuperJet. By unscrewing the rear hull extensions, it can be up to -4 inches in length for easier backflipping in smaller wave conditions. Prototype tubbie front sponsons are installed to make this ski a carving bottom and top turning machine. The wide angled bondline makes the ski extremely stable in all conditions. The bondline also tapers up with the nose rocker off the hull making backflips much easier in the surf when attacking the base of the wave. The matrix is hands down one of the most fun and massively stable surf skis I have ridden coming off of the Yamaha SuperJet platform.”

Lastly, this particular Matrix comes with some serious grunt, “Powered by a Kommander Industries-built full limited Yamaha 760cc engine and pushed by a Solas 144mm Magnum Pump. This ski delivers great liner power being responsive, fast, and reliable. Plenty of power to flat water barrel roll with the right set up wake and technique.”

Below, Mark has gone ahead and listed all of the parts, accessories and labor to build this ski totaling a staggering $26,090!


  • White RRP Kommander Chinpad $250.00
  • Limiting Rope w/Superflip eyelet and Soft Shackles $90.00
  • 3-Way Bilge Rotary Switch $39.95
  • Wammer 45 Degree Flush Clear Billet Bilge Fitting $34.95
  • Hood Strap Kit $29.99
  • 500 GPH Bilge Pump $28.95
  • Wammer 45 Degree Flush Clear Billet Bypass Fitting 24.95
  • Electrical/Ignition Components
  • Ignition Enhancer $407.40
  • Electrical Box Overhaul $320.00
  • 62T Overhaul Serviced Stator $268.00
  • 16CLB AGM Battery $80.00
  • Start Stop Switch Overhaul $75.00


  • Resleeved Big Bore Ported 61x Cylinder $1,600.00
  • B Pipe -Mod Chamber/Port matched Manifold/Bored head pipe $774.95
  • OEM Crankshaft $700.00
  • Modified OEM Dual 38mm Carburetors/ Epoxied Intake Manifold $450.00
  • Fuel Tank System Clear $369.00
  • OEM Lightened 62T Flywheel $150.00
  • OEM Starter Motor $350.00
  • Billet Black 760cc Girdled Head System @ 185 PSI $349.90
  • Fuel Valve/Petcock assy $45.00
  • V-Force 2 Carbon Fiber Reeds $258.95
  • Waterbox $240.00
  • 4 Billet/Rubber Motor Mounts $232.00
  • Big Bore 84mm Pistons $229.00
  • OEM Fuel Tank/ Waterbox Straps & Stainless Anchors W/ Hardware $218.00
  • Billet Blue Anodized Flywheel Cover $159.00
  • OEM Starter Bendix $150.00
  • Custom Aluminum Rear Exhaust Tube $100.00
  • Reed spacer kit $98.95
  • Aluminum Battery Box $75.90
  • Water Flow Control Valve $44.95
  • Engine Lock Washers $39.95
  • Wrist Pin Bearings $30.00
  • Billet Fuel Filter $29.00
  • Primer Kit $25.95
  • Clear Blue Fuel Line $23.00


  • Clear Billet RRP Handle Pole $975.00
  • Billet Lowered Handlepole Bracket $199.00
  • Steering Cable (96-07 Superjet) $166.95
  • Billet Pro Series Riser bar Quick Steer System $159.00
  • Black Finger Throttle (Kawi) $69.95
  • Pivot Pole Bolt $55.00
  • Kommand Phat Straight Bars $49.95
  • Handle Pole Spring $49.49
  • Kawasaki 750 Throttle Cable $36.00
  • Troy Lee Edition White Grips $29.95
  • Turn plate Bushings $22.00


  • 2012 Matrix ES -4″ Vinyl Ester Hull $5,299.99
  • Custom Di-Cut Graphic kit $750.00
  • Scupper Valve $95.00
  • Hydro-Turf Products Used to Pad/Upholster Tray and side rails $418.00
  • Hand warmer bypass and back flush kit $25.00
  • Matrix Tubbies $300.00
  • Front Foothold $85.00
  • Billet Hood Hooks Clear $69.95
  • Billet Clear Hood Prongs $69.00
  • Billet clear Hood Latch $64.50
  • Custom Billet Ebox Mounting Brackets $50.00


  • Kommander Industries Assembly *Custom Hull* $4,500.00
  • Silver Paint and Graphic Installation $600.00
  • Custom Hydro-Turf Installation $300.00


  • OEM 96-07 SJ Driveshaft, Pump Bearings & Seals $562.81
  • 144mm Magnum Pump $495.00
  • Complete Billet Midshaft Assembly $424.50
  • Stainless 144mm Wear Ring $334.95
  • Hooker 10-17 Impeller $264.99
  • 314 D-Cut Ride Plate $216.00
  • Modified 242 Rickter Intake Grate $182.00
  • Bored OEM Nozzle $125.00
  • Light Weight billet Couplers & Dampener $111.95
  • 144mm Pump Shoe $89.00
  • Solas Mag Performance Pump Cone $54.99
  • Modified quick steer nozzle $49.49
  • Solas Pump Spacer Ring $40.99
  • Coupler Cover $17.95

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