RIVA Racing Drops Price on Vi-Pec Technology

IJSBA received news that RIVA Racing knocked $500 off the cost of Vi-PEC Engine Management for Sea-Doo. The original cost was $2,399.95. Pick it up while its on sale for $1,899.95! This piece of equipment is for competition use only. It is not for use on pollution controlled machines.

RIVA’s all new V88R3 Pro-Series ECU provides massive performance gains to the Sea-Doo Supercharged 4-TEC Engine. The V88R3 is built for the 2018 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300. However, it can be programmed for use with 2015-2018 models. Use with other models of Sea-Doo requires the RIVA Safety Switch Upgrade Kit.

The new V88R3 Pro-Series ECU delivers over 50hp to the Sea-Doo’s RXT’s stock engine. ECU is fully programmable with either RIVA supplied mapping or user defined parameters. Most calibrations require use of RIVA Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit and 91+ octane pump fuel. The ECU plugs directly into factory wiring harness via waterproof connectors and it has a rugged waterproof housing. This means you don’t run to the store and grab new wiring or connectors. Just plug in and input your data.

The V88R3 Pro-Series ECU only takes about fifteen minutes to install and a few minutes to set up on the computer. The ECU supports Sea-Doo IBR System. Below is a short list of some of the key benefits of the new ECU:

Performance Fuel Mapping: Delivers optimal fuel required for your specific level of modification based on boost pressure.
Performance Timing Curves: Special racing curves produce more power throughout the RPM range.
Rev Limiter Increase: Stock rev limit can been increased so engine RPM can be run higher producing more boost pressure and horsepower.
Boost Control: Provides control via electronic solenoid for turbo application.

If you need assistance with installation, RIVA Racing provides a full library of user friendly technical videos and downloadable manuals. RIVA also offers tech support by phone and email.

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