RIVA Racing Re-Stocks SX-R 800 Wet Pipe

RIVA Racing has just announced the re-stocking of a popular item for all you 2003-2011 Kawasaki SX-R 800 owners. This announcement is sure to make you 2-stroke die-hards giddy.

According to the release by RIVA Racing, the SX-R 800 Wet Pipe (PT# FIN800SX02) is lighter than their Dry Pipe thanks to its single wall design. Made by Factory Pipe, this Wet Pipe is based on the proven and tested “B” pipe design so you can have full confidence knowing that it’s reliable and gives you both excellent throttle response and greater power when installed on your PWC. Since it incorporates the tunable head pipe design, you can adjust the power curve to your liking with just the simple turn of an Allen wrench. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Installation is super easy and no hood modifications to your machine are required. The Wet Pipe is finished in a black, hard anodizing that provides the ultimate in salt-water corrosion resistance. You won’t find any cheap looking, soon to be crusty junk with this killer part.

Please note that RIVA Racing would like to mention that this item does not apply for their free shipping. Priced at $810 USD; grab it while you can!

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Cody Cole

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