Video: Abdullah Al-Fadhel’s 2016 IJSBA World Finals Pro Runabout Spec Moto


This video is a little late, but here is a recap of the 2016 IJSBA World Finals Pro Runabout Spec that highlights Abdullah Al-Fadhel in his championship run. People believe that if you have a great start to the race, you have a good shot at placing in one of the top positions. When the 2016 IJSBA World Finals came around in October, tensions were high. People had been racing all year and had prevailed in many of the qualifications to get to where they were today.

There is no doubt that Abdullah backed by his Dean’s Team support had been going over every single component of the Factory Yamaha FZR the night before and the morning of. His team must have done something right because once that gun was fired signalling the start of the race, Abdullah never looked back. He was able to get out of the gates quickly and executed each turn and start out away to the best of his ability.

After the first lap he had a great lead on the racer behind him but he never let up on the throttle. When in doubt, or in his case, when in the lead, throttle it out! There was plenty of talk about Abdullah Al-Fadhel before the World Finals as he was turning in great times. He continued to win and ultimately was crowned the 2016 Pro Runabout Spec World Champion.

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Blake Ellestad

Blake Ellestad

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