Video: Australian Jet Skier Saves Baby Wallaby From Drowning

Spotting animals fording a lake or river isn’t all too rare. We’ve personally seen deer, coyotes and and an elk; it’s just a bit of nature that happens every so often. But once unusual experience by Jonah Cooper was thankfully caught on camera. According to Cooper and a report later published by ABC Eyewitness News, a young wallaby was seen jumping into the Noosa River in South East Queensland, Australia and “swimming in circles in a disorientated state.”

Seeing the distressed animal, “two well-meaning kayakers were attempting to save the wallaby, but couldn’t manage to both paddle and hold the animal at the same time.” Cooper jumped into action and speed off to meet the kayakers who had the wallaby by its tail, inverted. Cooper, came in close aboard a Sea-Doo GTS and recorded the whole interaction via his GoPro camera. Handing the young relative to the kangaroo by the tail, Cooper sped to shore.

According to Cooper, “the terrified wallaby thrashed in confusion as it was held up by its tail, even kicking one of the kayakers in the head,” continuing, “How the kayaker thought he was going to hold a wallaby and paddle to shore seemed to have eluded me.”

Coopers arrival came none too soon, as the kayakers were already overwhelmed with the frantic animal. Piloting the Sea-Doo to shore, Cooper released the animal and watched as it darted up the beach and into a parking lot. For the record, this is the second video of Australian jet skiers doing some good in the world, and we personally can’t get enough. Keep up the good work!

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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