Video: Bopenski’s KickBack PWC Chair is in Stock & Ready to Ship

We at The Watercraft Journal have been singing the praises of what we think is the best (non-performance) aftermarket innovation for personal watercraft (PWC) in a long, long time – the Bopenski KickBack PWC chair – for quite some time now. Heck, even before we ever first tried it out, we saw something to the rugged design, sturdy execution and simplicity in its use. The folding chair was specifically and purposefully designed for PWC use. It’s meant to hold up to being outside, exposed to the elements, soaking wet and sprayed with salt water, and still operate smoothly, hold together and remain in use for years to come.

Now that we’ve actually gotten one, it’s hard not to take it with us on every ride we go on. The KickBack PWC chair is everything its creator, Joe Borden claims it to be. Moreover, per Joe’s insistence on building something “that really lasts” so much of the KickBack chair is over-build, or best of all, replaceable. That’s right. Bopenski Watersports wants you to keep this chair for as long as you own a watercraft, and has all of the replacement parts necessary to quickly and easily fix the chair in case something were to happen. (And it’ll take something big to break this chair. We’ve been trying to. It’s pretty dang stout.)

It’s taken a while of final prototypes and fine-tuning, but the commercial production run of the Bopenski KickBack PWC chair is in full swing, and the company has just nearly fulfilled all of its pre-orders, meaning that there KickBack chairs ready for ordering right now! As we’ve mentioned before, Bopenski has also cut 1/3 off of the asking price, dropping the cost down to $199.99 with free shipping to boot! That’s a heck of an offer and are excited to share it with you. Recently, Bopenski also released a quick video with real people (and us) trying out the KickBack chair. Watch it below:

Bopenski Watersports

Introducing the Bopenski KickBack! THIS is what's been missing in the personal watercraft experience. Find out what others are saying about the KickBack. Get yours today!

Posted by Bopenski Watersports on Sunday, August 5, 2018


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