Video: DIY BlackTip Jetsports Traction Mat Install on a Yamaha FX


If statistics are something to be trust (the politicians would sure like to hope so), chances are that you’ve got a runabout that’s about 5-to-10 years old sitting either on a trailer beside your house or on a cart in your garage. And if you ride half as often as you’d like to, your decade-old PWC might be looking a little weathered. Factory foam traction mats have a way of bleaching in the sun, rub rails tend to get rubbed a little too often, and your seat might not be looking as showroom fresh as you’d like.

But just because she’s looking a little rough doesn’t mean it’s not as enjoyable to ride as the day you brought her home. That’s why the Watercraft Superstore and BlackTip Jetsports have produced this incredibly-easy-to-follow do-it-yourself (DIY) video showing how to install a set of BlackTip Jetsports Elite Traction Mats on your ski with WCSS’ own PWC tech pro, Jose. Following this set of step-by-step series of instructions, anyone can quickly replace their faded, cracked and even flaking apart traction mats with WCSS’ die-cut two-tone mats in a matter of hours.

Additionally, as Jose demonstrates, the new Elite mats look great when paired with a color-matched set of BlackTip decals and custom seat cover. In the space of a Saturday morning, you can – like the Watercraft Superstore has here – radically dial back the clock on a 10-year-old runabout. For more information and a selection of packages for your application, make sure to check out the Watercraft Superstore today.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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