Video: Jet Ski Fishing Show Followed by Killer Whales While Fishing

Killer whale surfing

Riding personal watercraft is an interesting experience as every now and again, Mother Nature likes to remind you just where you’re playing. Be it a sudden onset of really rough water, winds or other unsavory weather, sometimes we get thrown a quick reminder of just how small we all are on this big blue planet.

Last year, the crew of Australia’s Jetski Fishing Channel were shown this very thing as they were filming an episode of the Jetski Fishing Show in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf just off of the coast of New Zealand. As they were underway, the skis drew the attention of a group of Orcas who decided it might be fun to tag along.

Below is a few minutes of the Jetski Fishing Channel’s encounter with these Killer Whales, who, as you’ll see, dramatically dwarf the watercraft they are riding. Although the whales don’t get “danger close,” they do manage to impress and intimidate the riders, as we’re sure they would to any of us.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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