Video:’s 2015 Tangalooma Adventure Ride (Gallery)


People typically don’t care much for salesmen. For most, it’s the process of being “sold” that is so off-putting. So when a dealership can provide service that goes above and beyond the expectations of its customers, the buying process is all the more enjoyable. Likewise, when a dealership can actually build a long-lasting relationship with is customers, that is a rare instance indeed.

That is what we at strive every day to do, and we’ve been pretty successful, especially through our monthly adventure rides. Not only do we speak “jet ski” better than most, offering new and pre-owned personal watercraft from all the major manufacturers, but also invite our customers to join us for some awesome riding to some of the most picturesque locations!

One of our most popular rides is always our Tangalooma Adventure ride. This year, we had an impressive 39 skis join us as we journeyed from the Sea World boat ramp (located on the Gold Coast, Australia) bright and early at 6:30am, traveled 250kms (155 miles) during the day to Peel island, where we toured through the mangroves, visited the iconic Tangalooma ship wrecks, and just lived the good life of personal watercraft.

All in all, the trip took an impressive 12 hours, which was impressive riding given that 50-percent of the riders we newbies to the long ride. Our group was very eclectic, with eight 2015 Yamaha WaveRunners (one being a 2000 2-stroke GP1200R, another had a battery problem that needed solving), a few Hondas (one of which overheated), a few Sea-Doos (one had an oil problem, another also had battery problem), and one rider ran out of gas, requiring a tow.

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James Tod

James started with a 440 stand up at the age of 12. The addiction grew, resulting in James traveling to AMI in Daytona USA at the age of 15, completing the only watercraft technician course available in the world and earning honors. He started his own jet ski shop in 2000, growing his business from a workshop to a dealership, to largest importer of new and used watercraft in Australia. While staying true to the passion of riding jet skis, he still runs the largest jet ski club in Australia with over 1,200 members.

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