Video: Krash Industries’ Ready-to-Perform Freeride Skis Are Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Barton has done it. The mastermind behind Krash Industries did what the OE’s couldn’t do: build a true ready-to-flip, lightweight 2-stroke jet ski beginning at $12,000. Not only one ski, but three. That’s right, Krash Industries has three brand-new, state-of-the-art freestyle/freeride skis – their 50 Cal, Predator and Reaper models. All of which are available immediately through Krash Industries’ own website and select dealerships across the country (and globe).

Barton explained the 50 Cal in greater detail: “The Krash Industries 50 Cal is available in two models; for riders who predominantly ride surf then you will want the 50 Cal Surf which includes reverse angle sponsons and a 4th chine which adds greater stability as you carve the face of the wave. On the other hand, if flat water freestyle is your thing, then you will chose the 50 Cal 148 Flatwater freestyle model. The 50 Cal Flatwater has a specifically designed beam, draft and rocker that enables the rider to flip and roll effortlessly in all water conditions.”

Additionally, both 50 Cal models – as well as the Predator and Reaper – come in 4 color options. Add to that the uniquely-developed KV997 all-aluminum two-cylinder 2-stroke, which completely takes conventional 2-stroke design and flips it on its head as well as incorporates a DC-CDI ignition system that comes with 3 pre-set maps to take you from 70, 115, and 160hp at the rotation of the switch, and you’ve got the standup jet ski that enthusiasts have been waiting decades for. For more information about our complete range of Ready-To-Perform watercraft, head over to

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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