Video: Ontario Man Rides Sea-Doo Spark Up Ottawa River Rapids

Hal Monkman from Ontario, Canada has been a white water jet skier for almost 15 years. He says “I first got into it as a professional kayaker. We bought a jet ski to use as a filming platform to make kayaking videos back in 2003. We’ve been using them since in the kayaking world for filming, safety uses and as a means to access water that we can’t easily get to in our kayaks”. He goes on to say while quite a few people in the kayaking world have jet skis, he seems to take it up a notch.

Hal is very passionate about jet skiing and spends a few hours every weekend riding his Sea-Doo Spark on the Ottawa River; the location you’ll see in the video below. The Ottawa River is a very popular white water rafting river about 1.5 hrs outside of Ottawa, Ontario. Another spot Hal says he loves to frequent is the Lachine Rapids in downtown Montreal, Quebec. “There are big waves and big jumps. I love it. They also do a lot of jet boating there” says Hal.

He tells the Watercraft Journal that he has quite the adventure planned for the near future and is looking forward to sharing it with us and our viewers. “I’ve been training up and planning for a real extreme adventure for almost a year now. This adventure will see me Sea-Doo down 140 kilometers of real crazy rapids far out in the Canadian wilderness in search of a big river wave that I can surf in my kayak. It’ll be cool!” explains Hal.

We look forward to sharing that adventure with you all and hope you enjoy the video below!

I've been training up on my jet ski, this summer I hope to seadoo scout the Nelson river at 2x the flows that we did the maniflowba trip at last year. I'm not sure what is out there, but somebody's gotta try and see. #SeaDooLife Sea-Doo

Posted by Hal Monkman on Thursday, June 29, 2017

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