Video: Righting a Capsized PWC Runabout in Seconds

With the new Rec Lite segment of personal watercraft increasingly building popularity among enthusiasts of every stripe and degree of riding experience, some of the basics regarding PWC safety may require a bit of a refresher. Of those tips is how to right a runabout in the case of a rollover.

Now, rollovers are not common, especially with today’s larger and more buoyant machines. In fact, it takes quite a bit of effort to put one on its lid. Yet, as we mentioned, the smaller Rec Lite machines (ie. Sea-Doo Spark and Yamaha EX Series) grow in number, their lighter, more nimble platforms are more susceptible to such body roll thereby requiring a quick tutorial.

As demonstrated by the guys at, rolling a Yamaha EX Deluxe can happen with some accidental (or in this case, intentional) provocation; but righting the machine can be just as easy. Using the bond rail, sponson and intake grate as steps and handles, your own body weight can quickly flip a runabout right-side-up in a matter of seconds. Check it out:


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Kevin Shaw

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