Video: Tom Aiken Showcases His Freeride Abilities in “Insight”

There is a new video out on Vimeo featuring all-around freestyle rider Tom Aiken and capturing some intense footage of his well-rounded riding capabilities. The video is actually one of the coolest I’ve seen in a long time as it is professionally edited with High Definition footage, spectacular views, music, and wrapped up in a package that explains the young riders’ wide range of skills.

As the Intro plays with a captivating aerial shot, showing the sponsors including Jet Pilot, we immediately see the young Aiken cruising down the beach pulling a Jet Ski behind a Jeep. We can only imagine that we are in for something pretty spectacular. He then begins by showing off his skills utilizing two huge 50-foot boats that create a V-Wake. We see him get some massive air performing back flips, barrel rolls, and other stunts. You can even see one of the boat pilots smiling so you know everyone is having a good time watching Tom do his thing. Just be sure to check your local laws if you wish to copy any of these stunts as jumping boat wakes outside of closed courses can be dangerous and illegal in many jurisdictions.

The video then showcases his show riding skills as well as flat water freestyle skills where we see him showing off jumps, nose dives, and back flip after back flip. Aiken then demonstrates some of his racing capabilities. He indicates that he currently races a Kawasaki SX-R 800 but eventually has a goal to build a Pro Ski and attend Lake Havasu World Finals.

Finally we see him demonstrate his Free Ride skills at the beautiful Point P. The amazing footage, beach views, and crystal waters give the false illusion that these insane air stunts are easy. We definitely foresee this young rider going a long way considering his goals in this arena are to expand his trick variations, make more films, and just have a good time. We definitely can’t wait to see more!

INSIGHT – TOM AIKEN from on Vimeo.

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Brice Leckrone

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