You Can Own Craig Warner’s Modified National Tour Kawasaki SX-R 1500

In the last decade, there as been few names more synonymous with Kawasaki JetSkis than Craig Warner. The lone wolf has loyally represented Team Green in nearly every facet of racing; be it multiple offshore National championships at the Long Beach-to-Catalina Enduro, closed course prowess in regional, AquaX and Pro Watercross racing, or at the starting band of the IJSBA World Finals. Warner has done Kawasaki proud.

For 2017, Warner’s racing efforts were primarily his own, even down to mastering his ski’s performance. Left to his own devices, the veteran champion honed, tuned and massaged his ’17 Kawasaki SX-R 1500 JetSki into a truly competitive boat, rivaling the likes of Jimmy Wilson’s wickedly fast triple-powered Pro class ski. Warner challenged Wilson holeshot for holeshot towards the end of the season, as Warner’s ski was truly something to be feared.

Now with the IJSBA World Finals nearing, Warner is looking to offload his race-ready SX-R to a willing volunteer, that is if they’re man enough to handle it. With a total of six rounds of racing under its belt, it’s dialed in and ready to rock. He writes, “[I] won many Motos on this ski this year. [It’s the ] best ski I have ever owned. [I] never had one single problem. Runs strong and reliable.” The list of aftermarket mods and parts is a virtual who’s who of performance as well:

A ProWatercraft Racing handle pole, steering system and chin pad, and a ProWatercraft Racing ride plate; a modded Skat-Trak intake grate and Skat-Trak impeller; R&D sponsons and a trued hull all equates for superior handling. Under the hood, Warner installed high compression pistons, a ECU reflash from Dyno Spec and even gutted the waterbox. Lastly, the ski was treated to some new Hydro-Turf mats. In all, Warner is looking to fetch $16,000 for the machine. If interested, send Warner a private message HERE, as the SX-R is ready to ship.

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Kevin Shaw

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