Long Hauler Auxiliary Fuel System Kit


The kit consists of 9 pieces:
• A stainless steel, powder coated rack, featuring Z-bar adjustable legs lined with Hydro-Turf padding
• A USCG-certified 12-gal. auxiliary fuel tank featuring a ventilated locking gas cap, internal pickup and fuel level gauge
• 11-feet of non-EFI 50psi-rated fuel line fitted with a brass hose barb
• A stainless steel double-hooked turnbuckle
• (2) ratchet straps
• (2) zip-ties

Shipping can take up to four weeks depending on when the order is placed or final destination. Thank you for your patience!
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Easy To Install, No Permanent Modifications

The Long Hauler Auxiliary Fuel System Kit was engineered so that the least mechanically-savvy could install it in a matter of 10-to-15 minutes using common hand tools on most mid and full-sized 3-up personal watercraft. Installation requires zero cutting, drilling or permanent modifications, and is 100% reversible.

Video installation instructions can be found HERE.

How Does It Work

The Long Hauler Auxiliary Fuel System Kit interrupts the factory fuel cell vent line to siphon fuel from the auxiliary tank mounted on the rear deck, using the mechanical vacuum created by the fuel pump. Proper installation ensures a continuous flow of fuel from the rear auxiliary tank to the fuel cell.
• All 2004-and-up 4-stroke Kawasaki JetSkis
(16.4 gal. and 20.6 gal. fuel tanks)
• All 2004-and-up 4-stroke Yamaha WaveRunners
(15.8 gal. and 18.5 gal. fuel tanks)
• All 2003-through-2011 4-stroke Sea-Doos
(15.9 gal. fuel tanks)
Changes to the fuel pickup in 2012 require major changes to the factory fuel system
• All 2002-through-2009 4-stroke Honda Aquatrax
(16.6 gal. and 18.5 gal. fuel tanks)
*US patent pending

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 28 × 19 in

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