Cargo Wave Releases Pro Mod II The New Ultimate PWC Accessory

As all of the newest personal watercraft models come rolling out from the three OE’s, the world’s biggest manufacturer of towable personal watercraft trailers Cargo Wave LLC., has just announced its newest addition to the Cargo Wave catalog of products: the Pro Mod II. A totally new design with a bunch of smart features incorporated into it, the Pro Mod II is geared up to be the biggest thing in towable accessories for PWC. Check it out!

Cargo Wave LLC’s president Paul Thomas announced:
As the President of Cargo Wave LLC, I would like to introduce the newly re-tooled production design of Cargo Wave Pro Mod II. It incorporates 5 years of development to bring the best product possible based on consumer feedback and manufacturing capabilities.

The Pro Mod ll starts with an increase in hull thickness to .27O, over Lf 4″ of hull strength, and a return to UV coated ABS vacuum formed material. Assembly also returns to two part epoxy bonding as well as SS hardware throughout. Best of all the Pro Mod ll provides two hatch cover openings, giving full cargo access throughout it’s 9′ length.

Another engineering marvel, the Cargo Wave LLC Heavy Duty Towing Arm is also re-designed. lt’s flexibility in corners and holding stiffness in emergency braking provides an ultimate connection between you, your machine, and the Cargo Wave. The HD Towing Arm is the key to the performance of the Pro Mod ll, keeping it exactly where it needs to be in all conditions. The Towing Arm now comes with the most simplistic connections available, three lanyarded pins and keys! The Cargo Wave’s capacity based on Towing Arm strength exceeds all previous models, it truly is PWC’s Ultimate Towable Accessory!

A new seal is introduced with the twin hatches providing a full watertight seal. Both hatches will be hinged and lockable. The Pro Mod II’s floor panel thankfull to it’s ABS properties, will be epoxy bonded also, enabling it to withstand flexing of the CW hull in rough water.

All these refinements provide a Personal Water Craft Ultimate Accessory, opening so many new avenues of recreation for it’s owners…The Cargo Wave Pro Mod ll.

Nuts and Bolts…
Production of the Pro Mod ll is planned for a early spring 2019 launch. Pre-orders are available now for dealerships wanting to expand their PWC customer base, getting back many sales lost to larger boats due to the capacity restraints of PWC. Now their new customer can bring all their gear for a day, weekend, or extended trip with them on a more efficient watercraft and, lets face it, a much more fun way to travel on the water!

Dealership minded retail pricing has been set as Cargo Wave LLC heads forward to a new chapter to provide the Cargo Wave Pro Mod ll throughout the US and Canada. interested dealers & customers are urged to contact Cargo Wave LLC through it’s website, or email

Join the Cargo Wave Family and enjoy The Optimum Towable PWC Accessory, Cargo Wave Pro Mod ll! Paul Thomas / Cargo Wave LLC

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