Gallery: Hidden Trails Pro Watercross National Tour – Round 2 Pensacola, FL


Mayhem is a word that could have been used to describe the last few years here at Pensacola, but this year the weather gods decided to blow from a different direction and laid the waves down for some unbelievably fast racing. The smooth blue waters and bleached white sand made a picture perfect backdrop to watch the Pro Show take place on Saturday and Sunday.

Once again AJ and the rest of the Pro Watercross team had the racing kick off without a hitch on Saturday. First up was the Pro Box Stock class where “King D” Dustin Farthing attempted to stay perfect on the season where his Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 has led the field lap after lap so far.


Billy Dearman had different plans in Moto 1 pulling the hole shot, he decided he was going to make Farthing work for perfection. Farthing quickly grabbed the lead after just a few laps and never looked back for the moto one win. Judge motorsports sponsored Dearman and Hidden Trails Motorsports rider Tim Ducat had a race long battle that ended up with Dearman in second and Ducat in third.

Farthing went on to ride his Mountain Motorsports Monster Energy Sea-Doo to two more moto wins to stay perfect on the season in Box Stock for the over all victory. Ducat, also aboard his Sea-Doo RXP-X 300, bested Dearman in Moto 2 and 3 to take second place overall on the weekend with Dearman rounding out the Top 3 aboard his Yamaha. Craig Warner, who pushed Dustin Farthing in Round One had some horrible luck and didn’t get to start Moto 3 ruining his chances at two consecutive Top 3’s. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kommander Team rider and last week’s third place overall, Shante Bukes after a bad accident left her with a broken tibia. We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her back on the track soon.


To continue with the theme of perfection, Hidden Trails Motorsports rider Jimmy Wilson tried to stay perfect in Pro Ski Stock, and after a great Moto 1 he looked to be on pace to do so. Unfortunately, there just so happened to be a legend of personal watercraft racing itching to put a end to Wilson’s dominance, Chris MacClugage.

And in Motos 2 and 3 he did so by putting his Broward Motorsports ski on top of the podium for the weekend. Wilson kept the racing very interesting by finishing a close second in Motos 2 and 3 to give him second overall. The third spot on the podium had a bit of a role reversal from last weekend with Mark Gomez edging out another Broward Motorsports rider, David Cabrera for third place overall.


Sam Nehme, owner of Broward Motorsports, had a great weekend in Sport GP riding his Judge Motorsports ‘Blaster to three moto wins. But this class has some of the best racing of the weekend with the Smith duo (of no relation) Johnny and Kelly duking it out for second and third overall. Johnny Smith edged out Kelly for second and brought the two into a tie for second overall on the tour. This is going to round out to be one of the best point races of the season.

Mountain Motorsports’ Farthing went to battle in an effort to continue his perfect run this season in Pro Am Runabout GP. After a win in Moto 1, Farthing had a bit of a get-off, allowing Brian Baldwin aboard his RIVA Yamaha and Ermino Inatosca on his WRT-prepped Sea-Doo RXP-X to finish in the top two spots for Moto 2, putting an end to Farthing’s and Sea-Doo’s dominance of the Runabout classes this season.


Without batting an eye, Farthing came back to win Moto 3 and take the top spot overall for the weekend. Baldwin took second overall after three consistent finishes. Even after starting Moto 1 with a dead engine because of a false start, Ermino edged out newcomer to the GP class, Tim Ducat for third overall on the podium.

Pro Am Ski GP is probably the most talented class on tour, top to bottom and that is saying a lot with the turnout this year. Jimmy Wilson once again came out of the gates in Moto 1 with another huge win to add to his long list of moto wins early in the season. Bad luck in Moto 2 opened up the race for the podium and some all-time greats took advantage.


Consistency in all three motos by K1 rider Dustin Motzouris gave him the overall victory in the highly competitive class. After a bad first moto, Chris MacClugage, also aboard a K1, took his anger out on the field and let everyone know why he is a living legend, handily winning the next two motos on his way to second overall. Third place on the podium went to Kommander rider Tyron Motzouris after barely edging out the talented Brock Austin.

After what the first two stops have brought us thus far, this is shaping up to one of the best National Tours in years, and has us all looking forward to what’s next! We’ll see you at Sparks, Nevada in a month’s time!

Hidden Trails Pro Watercross Tour – Round 2 Pensacola, FL Results
Veteran Ski GP: 1. Pete Zernik, 2. Dan Masters, 3. Dave Davidson, 4. Mike Kelberer, 5. Kenny Mckenzie, 6. Erin Mcconkey, 7. Marchall Brown, 8. Ralph Mcgregor, 9. Dustin Higdon, 10. Brian Edwards, 11. Stephen Booth; Amateur Ski GP: 1. Robbie Lutker; Women’s Ski Limited: 1. Niki Turner, 2. Carrie Oliver; Beginner Ski Stock: 1. Lee Mccullar; Pro-Am R/A Superstock: 1. Kevin Sullivan, 2. Gl Legendre; Runabout N/A Spec: 1. Cameron Frame; Veterans R/A Box Stock: 1. Jeff Dyckowski, 2. Shawn Compton; Junior Ski Stock 10-12: 1. Haden Skellett, 2. Sammy Nehme, 3. Taylor Skellett, 4. Devin Farthing; Junior Ski Stock 13-15: 1. Matthew Richuk, 2. Aj Luinstra, 3. Wyatt Hayes, 4. Bret Underhill, 5. Logan Lutker; Sport Stock: 1. Sam Nehme, 2. William Beers, 3. Ken Waddle, 4. Keith Dill, 5. Jeff Mcphail, 6. Morgan Beers, 7. Gage Schoenherr, 8. Logan Hayes, 9. Chad Eggleston, 10. Kyle Hayes; Amateur Ski Stock: 1. Marchall Brown, 2. Jeff Lutker, 3. Matthew Richuk, 4. Erin Mcconkey, 5. Aj Luinstra, 6. Niki Turner, 7. Clay Jones, 8. Branden Edwards, 9. Dawson Newbie, 10. Hans Krajc, 11. Lytle Prichard; Amateur R/A Box Stock: 1. Juan Rada, 2. Reggie Purnell, 3. Michael Borges, 4. Shawn Compton; Runabout Rec: 1. Eric Gabryel, 2. Justin Gabryel, 3. Sean Miles; Pro-Am R/A Box Stock: 1. Dustin Farthing, 2. Tim Ducat, 3. Billy Dearman, 4. Troy Snyder, 5. Dylan Osborn, 6. Craig Warner, 7. Jeff Dyckowski, 8. Shante Bukes, 9. Michael Borges; Pro-Am Ski Stock: 1. Chris MacClugage, 2. Jimmy Wilson, 3. Mark Gomez, 4. David Cabrera, 5. Broc Harris, 6. Callaway Turner, 7. Gage Schoenherr, 8. Dave Davidson, 9. Dustin Higdon; Sport GP: 1. Sam Nehme, 2. Johnny Smith, 3. Kelly Smith, 4. Andrew Bezan, 5. Billy Dearman, 6. Keith Dill, 7. Jules Hopkins, 8. Jeff Mcphail, 9. William Beers, 10. Morgan Beers, 11. Kyle Hayes, 12. Glen Jung, 13. Cody Mccallum; Pro-Am Runabout GP: 1. Dustin Farthing, 2. Brian Baldwin, 3. Erminio Iantosca, 4. Tim Ducat, 5. Dylan Osborn, 6. Trey Frame, 7. Craig Warner; Pro-Am Ski GP: 1. Dustin Motzouris, 2. Chris Macclugage, 3. Tyron Motzouris, 4. Brock Austin, 5. Jimmy Wilson, 6. Bill Haig, 7. Josh Block, 8. David Redinger, 9. Zach Spring, 10. Pete Zernik, 11. Broc Harris, 12. Mike Kelberer, 13. Jordon Carroll, 13. David Cabrera, 14. Nick Spring; Amateur Freestyle: 1. Justin Sylvain; Pro Freestyle: Chris Langlais, 2. Mark Gomez; Freestyle 800: Jeff Lutker

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