Video: XScream Recaps Their 2014 World Finals Team Experience


Every year in October, the IJSBA World Finals takes place at Crazy Horse Campground in beautiful Lake Havasu, Arizona. This is typically referred to as the largest jet ski event in the world, and riders from all over the globe come to compete in this weeklong event.

Freestyle at the IJSBA World Finals has become a huge success in recent years, with competitors pushing the limits of themselves and their machines, to perform stunts that were not possible just a few years ago. Freestyle is broken down into two classes, consisting of Amateur and Pro. Both classes allow the rider to use hulls, engines, and other supporting equipment of their choice, but the distinguishing factor between the two is the engine displacement. Amateurs are allowed a maximum of 900ccs, and Pros are allowed up to 1200ccs. A rider must win Amateur or obtain a Pro license through the IJSBA to compete as a Pro.

The rapid advance of technology has allowed the competition engines to make incredible horsepower that seems to grow each season. Hull technology has allowed builders to create super light hulls, with high-end carbon fiber versions weighing in at around 40lbs! Pump technology is moving forward as well, with larger, more efficient pumps becoming commonplace, and economical versions of these pumps hitting the market and bringing costs down. The combination of big horsepower, instant acceleration, light hulls, and pumps that offer unmatched hookup has allowed these competitors to truly raiser the bar.

Take a look at this video to see how these riders push the limits!

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Philip Clemmons

Philp was pulling engines out of cars by high school and was introduced to PWC in the late 80s on the original WaveRunner 500. An Automotive and Small engine instructor covering all areas of PWC, including four stroke maintenance, supercharger rebuilds, carb work, etc, but specialize in custom tuning and freestyle ski building. Philip is also owner and operator of P&P Performance.

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