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Real Review: Slippery Wetsuits’ Surge Neo Vest

Admittedly, I have a favorite personal flotation device (ie. life vest) that is my go-to for a fun day on the water, a Slippery Switch Molded vest. In fact, my current one is the third ...

A Worthy Successor: 2019 Yamaha FX Limited SVHO (Video)

Real Review: Slippery Wetsuits’ Flex Lite Glove

Understanding What Makes a Good Rough Water Hull Design

“Yeah, that’s all great but how is it in the rough stuff?” came the reply. I had spent nearly an hour walking one of The Watercraft Journal’s readers through the highs and lows, the newfangled ...

Stand Up Skills: 180 Degree Slide

Gallery: Catch the Action with the Best Camera Placement

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