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Real Review: Hitcase Waterproof Splash Case for iPhone 7/8

“Well, I think this is the one guys,” I announced to a small riding group one Saturday morning. “After five months of use, I’m pretty sure this is the best all-around waterproof iPhone case on ...

Real Review: Slippery Wetsuit’s Child Hydro Yellow/Black Vest

Practically Perfect: 2019 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO WaveRunner (Video)

Video: Understanding & Removing The Yamaha In-Tank Check Valve

With the 2019 redesign of the FX WaveRunner platform, many enthusiasts were surprised to see Yamaha relocate the fill cap from hidden beneath the hood to the runabout’s front left fender. Critics have noted that ...

Gallery: Building a Custom SX-R JetSki For 3-Year-Old (Gallery)

Gallery: Understanding Fluid Dynamics In Relation to Superior Sponson Design

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