Gallery: 2018 Hydro-Turf JetJam Racing Rds 7 & 8, Wheatland, CA

The 2018 Hydro-Turf JetJam Racing Rounds 7 & 8 at Camp Far West in Wheatland, Ca. on June 30th – July 1st. What a great way to start off the holiday week of 4th of July. When you think of iconic ride spots, you think of places like Body Beach, Mission Bay, and the home of this weekend’s race, Camp Car West. In the Northern California area there are few ride spots that are as great as this. JetJam broke a record of attendance and were very pleased with the way things turned out. So many people rolled in on Wednesday and Thursday and assisted the staff in getting the course set early. It just goes to show how much everyone appreciates this race series.

Saturday morning came upon us quick, the temperatures and winds were on the rise along with all the excitement of racing. With the JetJam racing crew knocking it out of the park once again, they drew in a great amount of racers from the surrounding areas, let alone the racers they drew in from far and wide, to go to battle at this well-known, NorCal hot spot. The Red Shirts laid out a phenomenal course for the competitors, with its tight turns, long sweepers, and dog fight worthy split. The action went wire to wire every race. Shortly after the start of the race, unfortunately, one of our favorite Nevada riders, Mitch Jonas, had a crash on the log jump and suffered a broken leg. He was one tuff guy as he pushed through all the pain. Prayers for a speedy recovery!!! The rescue staff did an amazing job in handling the situation. JetJam really does have one of the best water safety crews around.

The rest of the day brought some awesome racing. The X2 class having 13 racers on the line and the Ski GP2 Limited class with 11. The 550 class followed shortly behind with 9 racers. There were great battles in these 3 classes both days, which resulted in payouts for the overall of the weekend. Congratulations to the winners: X2 – first place Hayden Item, second place James Gagnon and third place Doug Wolff. Ski GP2 Limited – first place Brock Austin, second place Curtis Pittman and third place Matt Rollings. Vintage 550 – first place Bryson Olsen, second place Michael Prodanivich and third place Travis Kinney. Along with all of this great racing we were also able to watch an awesome battle of the Sea Chickens on Saturday.

Walking down the shoreline, and though every pit, you could see the excitement on everyone’s faces as they all had a chance to stoke rivalries, renew friendships and make new friendships. All of which brought the community ever closer together. And with them being so tight knit, even though the excitement of the day was over, the fun was still being had in the pits. With the rider appreciation potluck being underway, the stories and laughter filled the air as the night closed in. It was also great to have the red shirt crew join in on the post race festivities. Without them doing everything they do, this race series would not be as amazing as it is.

I want to give huge shout out to Jason “Pshyco” Ward for coming out to CFW to announce this race. As many of you know, Jason was involved in a horrible work accident and is still recovering from it. He did an awesome job on the mic and he will be announcing again at the next race at Mossdale Lake.

Thank you to all the red shirt crew staff. Without you all, this race would not have been possible. Kary Austin, Bill Austin, Brock Austin, Evan Kilkus, Bryce Guyman, Nicole Pettit, Amanda Gutierrez, Ayva Pettit, Lizzy Harden, John Bonkowski, Robert Stellhorn, Duane Bascom, Doug Wolff, Mel Harden, Craig Johnson (Paramedic) and Justin James. And Last but not least, Jackie Harden and Amanda Stellhorn for running the JetJam Café and making sure the staff and riders were fed.

JetJam Sponsor List: : HydroTurf, Bud Light, Hidden Trails Motosports, River Rat Motorsports, Bodyline Swim Shop, Skat Trak, Pro Watercraft Racing, Water Craft Direct, Nprotune, Jet Renu, M&M Marine, TC Freeride, 3-2-1 Kawasaki, Blowsion, JetLift, Ryno Power, The Watercraft Journal, Team Oakley, Pro Rider Magazine, Shark Energy Drink, Devas Bling, Riva Racing, Gallaghers, Throttle Junkie News, Coach T’s BBQ, Every Kid Counts Charity, O’neill S&E, Sun Solutions, Titan Performance, Bomber Eyewear, WCWCC and Westside Media

All photos provided by Kenny Wong, and originals can be purchased HERE.

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