Blacktip Jetsports Introduces New Colors & Textures For Its Elite Traction Mats


Let’s face it, there’s really only one reliable source for top-of-the-line, CNC precision-cut peel-and-stick two-tone traction mats in this industry: Blacktip Jetsports. The traction mat game has gotten fiercely competitive as of late, and Blacktip has forced the other guys to step it up or step aside. And the hand-made mat kits often take waaay too long to make, and that’s if they even answer your order.

With Blacktip’s Elite Series, now a variety of cut and print patterns are at your access, as well as a massive array of color combinations when you choose to go two-tone. And with new offerings in textures, you’re looking at more options than you could possibly use!

Whether you’re looking to freshen up an old school two-stroke that simply has been in need of some TLC, or a new machine that you’re looking to place your own personal touch, Blacktip’s Elite Traction Mats are a great start. Plus, with a guaranteed 2-day turnaround and offerings as low as $99.95 for a whole kit, how can you go wrong?

Oh, and with the addition of the Watercraft Superstore’s new search engine feature, navigating the website’s online store for the right parts and pieces for your particular ski is significantly easier. Just scroll through the years, models and makes, and it’ll load up literally hundreds of applicable parts and accessories. It’s that easy.

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Kevin Shaw

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