Broward Motorsports GP1800 Stage 1 and Stage 2 Kits

Increase the speed of your Yamaha GP 1800 with a Tuning kit from Broward Motorsports. Their Stage 1 Kit is no frills, reflash without the performance parts and gain 9 mph over your top speed. This kit will cost you $599.99 or $55 a month if you are approved through Affirm.

If you prefer to go faster, check out the 2018 GP1800 Stage 2 Kit from Broward Motorsports. This kit will increase acceleration and give you top speeds of 15-18 mph over stock. The Stage 2 Kit includes the following components: BMS RacingStage 2 Tune, WORX Racing Yamaha Air Filter Kit, Fizzle Y 1000 Intercooler Kit W/Tial Blow off Valve, WORX Racing Engine Cooling Kit, BMS Racing Titanium Valve Retainers, WORX Racing Free Flow Exhaust, Solas YV-CD-13/18 Impeller, WORX Racing Ride Plate, WORX Intake Grate, and WORX Pump Seal.

Just to highlight a couple of components and their benefits, the BMS GP 1800 Stage 2 Kit offers better handling and more speed with the addition of a Solas impeller. The impeller will dramatically decrease cavitation, enabling your watercraft to cut through chop much easier as it processes the water more efficiently than a stock impeller.

The WORX Yamaha Engine Cooling Kit provides your ski with extra cooling by making room for installation of an additional water line from the jet unit directly into the engine block. This will significantly lower the engine temperature and increase engine reliability and performance.

The 2018 GP1800 Stage 2 Kit retails for $3,626.93 or $328 a month if you qualify with Affirm. Check out the Broward Motorsports Racing website for complete details on the BMS GP 1800 Stage 1 and Stage 2 Kits.

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Brice Leckrone

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