Bump Up The Power On Your Sea-Doo Spark With Riva Racing’s Three Stage Performance Kits

If you are looking to bump up the power on your Sea-Doo Spark, RIVA Racing has tons of go fast goodies that are sure to help you tear up the water this summer. They carry a full line up of over 50 performance items for the Spark model; everything ranging from cold air intakes to race batteries to Pro-Series sponson kits. They also offer three performance bundles that are guaranteed to give you instant power out on the water. These bundles come in three versions depending on how much extra power you want to make; Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. Let’s take a look at them:

Spark Stage 1 Kit- $282.00 USD
The Stage 1 kit delivers a +2mph boost over stock thanks to an easily installed air intake and pump components. No internal engine modifications are required. RIVA’s Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit is included and a precision tapered billet sleeve directly replaces the restrictive mesh element in the intake tract instantly enabling your Spark’s engine to produce more horsepower by delivering increased air flow. The Stage 1 kit also includes a Solas R-Series Concord Impeller. This special performance impeller is offered exclusively by RIVA and is specifically pitched for their specifications using a pitch block to ensure accuracy. A billet impeller cone is also included.

Spark Stage 2 Kit- $$1203.35 USD
The Stage 2 kit delivers a +4mph boost over stock through an easily installed air intake and pump components; just like the Stage 1 kit. No internal engine modifications are required also. Like the Stage 1 kit, you get RIVA’s Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit and Solas ‘R’-Series Concord Impeller. Further boosting the power in this kit is RIVA’s MaptunerX BRP Bundle that reflashes your Spark’s original ECU. The MaptunerX provides the ability to quickly and easily load performance tunes directly into your stock ECU. Performance Tunes are calibrated to provide optimum fuel delivery, ignition timing and rev limit. Your OEM dash display, engine diagnostics & engine safety functions are retained. The MaptunerX features a full color, touch screen display, ability to restore stock tune settings and access to RIVA’s complete tuning library and technical support.

Spark Stage 3 Kit- $1650.35 USD
If you want the maximum power out of your Spark, the Stage 3 kit is for you! This kit delivers a +5mph boost over stock. Like the other kits, no internal engine modifications are required. With the Stage 3 kit, you also get RIVA’s Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit, Solas ‘R’-Series Concord Impeller and RIVA MaptunerX BRP Bundle. On top of that, you also get RIVA’s Power Filter Kit and Free Flow Exhaust Kit. The Power Filter Kit relocates your air intake forward away from the hot engine and delivers cold, fresh air from the front of your craft that is supplied by the factory hull vents. Air is channeled past the fuel tank and into the OEM airbox. Their Free Flow Exhaust Kit allows the removal of the restrictive sound suppression system located between the water box and hull exit on your Spark. This improves the engine performance by reducing back pressure and restriction.

All three kits are currently on sale, so don’t wait to grab one!

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