CanDooPro’s Plug-and-Play GPS Speedometer Upgrade


CanDooPro’s GPS Speedometer Module features easy, plug-and-play installation for most 1999-and-newer Sea-Doos, Kawasakis and Yamahas., innovators of aftermarket diagnostic software and electronic gadgets for BRP, Yamaha, and Kawasaki personal watercraft, have developed a speedometer upgrade for most 1999-and-newer models of the aforementioned brands that converts the craft’s inaccurate probe speed sensor into a precise GPS speedometer.

The GPS Speedometer Modules, also available for purchase at, feature “plug-and-play” installation — meaning no wire cutting, splicing, or soldering is required for the standard units. Utilizing the latest SiRFstarIV™ GPS chipset, location is calculated via a cutting-edge Doppler speed algorithm, and calibration to the individual craft is achieved via a proprietary method using magnetic sensors — no need for external switches or wires.


Sea-Doo-specific models include integration with the watercraft’s water temperature sensor.

The CanDooPro GPS Speedometer Module itself is extremely power efficient, using zero battery power when not in use. And thanks to an integrated supercapacitor, the watercraft’s last-known GPS coordinates are automatically stored for several hours after the lanyard has been removed, allowing for almost instantaneous satellite acquisition upon restart.

All modules are potted, sealed, and marine-ready from the factory, and are built to withstand most any punishment dealt by watercraft, weather or otherwise, including protection from over-voltage and reverse voltage (the unit won’t be compromised by accidentally connecting the power backwards).

In addition to the basic module upgrades available for most Sea-Doos, Kawasakis and Yamahas (starting at $119), CanDooPro offers similar GPS Speedometer Modules featuring full integration with Dynojet’s Combustion Management Device (CMD), with an MSRP of $139.

Full details and ordering information may be found at and

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Justin Stannard

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  1. Jim Avery 30 December, 2020 at 14:49 Reply

    I am purchasing a 2021 Yamaha FX Limited SVHO and a FX Cruiser HO. I would like to add a GPS speedometer and a depth finder. WHat do you recommend?

    • Kevin Shaw 31 December, 2020 at 02:44 Reply

      There are VOLUMES of threads on and Yamaha-specific (and fishing-specific) groups on FB who can offer not only suggestions but pictures and directions on installing these on your new ski. Go there and start searching.

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