Capria Reveals New PWC Launcher System

Owning waterfront property is great, but sometimes the shoreline isn’t as conducive to a PWC dock or vertical lift as one may want. In many cases, the shoreline is in fact, a sea wall, making a floating dock a foregone conclusion.

For those whose property butts up to water but have too steep of a slope to really utilize a traditional launch ramp or lift, Argentinian company Capria has just developed its new PWC Launcher System.

The PWC Launcher System is rather clever, as the watercraft sits in a cradle that is then lifted up a rail system (ranging from 40-feet to 100) in a matter of seconds.

The angle of the ramp can be as mild as 20º or as vertical as 90º – each system is built to order to match the customer’s specific needs. Check out the official press release below:

Without question, personal watercraft (PWC) have remained a popular way for people to get on the water, with new sales continuing to outpace many other boat segments. To capitalize on this trend, CAPRIA has introduced a PWC Launcher to its range of drystack facility solutions. Its first installed project is at Marina Puerto Chico in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where two units enhance the marina’s services. CAPRIA will showcase this innovative device at The Docks Expo, Nov. 29–Dec. 1, Nashville, Tennessee, booth 225.

PWC Launchers are ideal for sites with steep embankments and/or tidal fluctuation where traditional PWC launching methods are impractical. Marina Puerto Chico has a steep grassy area that ends in a seawall—a perfect candidate for the CAPRIA solution. While their site required vertical travel of only 40′, the main beam for a PWC Launcher can be manufactured up to 100′ in length. Plus, it accommodates angles from 20° to 90°.

Ideal for incorporating into a new or existing drystack operation, a PWC Launcher can be loaded via a CAPRIA semi-automated Stacker Crane, or by forklift like at Marina Puerto Chico. The all-electric device handles PWC up to 1,500 lbs.

Once the boat is placed onto a CAPRIA PWC Launcher cradle, it’s extremely fast to get it into the water. Depending on the configuration, it takes only five to 15 seconds.

Marina Puerto Chico additionally installed two gangways that parallel the PWC Launchers and terminate in small floating docks. This allows owners to get onto their boats quickly, without the waiting common to traditional PWC launching methods.

Contact CAPRIA S.A., Haendel 32, Centro Industrial Garin, CP 1619 Garin, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone: +54 3327 414470;;

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