Cargo Wave Trailers Accompanies Great Loop By PWC Trip

Kenneth “Duker” Cossette, a solid nick name from his youth, works on the Alaskan North Slope, with some 25-plus-years in the oil industry. He had some life changing experiences a couple years back, and out of it came the idea of running “The Great Loop;” riding the waterways from Minnesota down the Mississippi to the Gulf, around Florida, up the East Coast into The Great Lakes (making sure to touch each one), back down Michigan and the Ohio River into Ol’ Miss again before returning back to Minneapolis.

Unlike previous riders who’ve journeyed the loop as fast as possible, Kenneth is not in any hurry. Rather, he’s enjoying all that can be taken in on this great river trip of a lifetime! Equipped with two Sea-Doo GTX’s and towing two Cargo Wave trailers, Kenneth began his trip mid-summer 2016 for a “learning start,” as he likes to say. Then, he quickly learned what it was going to take, took his time and ended a two-week trip in mid-Iowa.

Last year, he started his trip again – beginning a little late and ending a little early. A spun impeller just above St. Louis halted the journey ahead of schedule. This year, he’s starting early and should be able to run three full two-and-a-half week long excursions. At least, that’s what he’s got planned!

So, this Memorial Weekend, Kenneth “Duker” Cossette and Cargo Wave, LLC’s president Paul Thomas, will leave where he left off above St. Louis and run the rivers within a 7-or-8 day span into lovely, Nashville, Tennessee. From Nashville, Paul will jump off and Kenneth will continue on his own to whereever he can make it!

He will run two more times at least this year. His work schedule of 3.5 weeks on and 3.5 weeks off, which gives him plenty of time to run this “bucket list” trip.

CW Action 1 IMG_0283 CW Action Duker IMG_0439 Kenneth Duker Cossette River Trip 052 Kenneth Duker Cossette River Trip 039 IMG_0432 IMG_0407 IMG_0426

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