Case of The Mondays: Gomer’s 2015 Recap

My major goal for 2015 was to attack a 10 year goal of taking on the IFWA Freeride (Motosurf) world tour and win the overall world title. On top of that, to attend a handful of other events along the year to build and maintain my diverse discipline of riding exposure.

What I accomplished was that so much more. In 12 months I attended 14 events and produced the following substantial highlights in all 3 disciplines of riding that I diversified and multiplied my exposure by competing in. (Freeride”motosurf”/Racing/ Flatwater Freestyle):

2015 IFWA Freeride World Tour Champion

  • Competed in Australia (3rd), Portugal (2nd), France (1st), UK (2nd), and USA (5th)
  • Entire tour filmed into three video episodes, creating one 30 minute experience produced by Rickter/RRP

Shredder Backflip Video Release
(shot at Travis Pastrana’s house, produced by Streetbike Tommy and DTV Shredder)

  • 1 of 3 hand picked athletes to pull the world first backflips on the DTV Shredders to dirt

GoPro Feature YouTube video Production: Jetski Motosurf with Mark Gomez

  • Made “video of the week” being emailed to everyone registered with GoPro and using their phone app.

Invited to Compete in Prestigious Pro Flatwater Freestyle events at the IJSBA World Finals

  • Bypassed AM qualifications due to excelled achievement of winning IFWA pro world title
  • Piloted new Freestyle ski (XFR) made by my sponsor Rickter/RRP to debut at the event

Invited to China Japan in November to host local freeride event and scout potential of 2016 IFWA tour stop.

Front & Rear Cover of 2016 Hot Products watercraft parts distributor catalog

Boosted Social media presence

  • In communication with fans and followers managing my own social media everyday
  • Daily content updated with photos I pay for at and after events
  • Instagram @Markgomez137 — Apx 7,000 in 2015, now 14,200 followers
  • Facebook friends Maxed 5,000 — now growing followers to personal and athlete page


This year I am projecting to attend 24 events in 12 months among 9 different countries. This will be my biggest year yet, maximizing exposure, diversifying my riding, while now going for pro world titles in all three aspects I am scheduled to compete in. I have recently negotiated and signed an amazing contract with Rickter/RRP based upon great results, loyalty, and my further commitment to 2016 events. I am their only rider to pilot, and compete on both of their top of the line freestyle and freeride watercraft they produce this year. I am fully equipped to compete at the best level with these skis, built with the combined support from all of my sponsors.

Due to the magnitude of the year’s event commitment, sponsorship to cover the overall season expenses are not completely sourced yet. I am working every opportunity I can between events, create/send out proposals in order to seek the additional required funds. Anyone who has interest and or see’s value in financially sponsoring my season please do not hesitate to contact me personally to work out a return on your investment. I greatly appreciate every ounce of considered support.

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Mark Gomez

A progressing 23-year-old professional Freerider, World Champion racer, and stuntman from Fullerton, CA., Mark has been riding stand up jet skis since he was 7. When he's not traveling the globe to participate against the world's best surf riders and racers, Mark can be seen performing stunts at Universal Studio's "Waterworld Stunt Show" and has even graced both the TV and movie screens as a stuntman.

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