Countdown to Krash Industries’ USA Freeride Nationals: Round 1, Grayland Open

This year’s Grayland Open is taking things to the next level; the 2014 Grayland Open marks the begging of the first National Freeride Tour in the USA. That makes this a rather groundbreaking event for the sport of Freeride in the US and the beginning of a new age in the jet ski world. Finally after many years of anticipation someone finally stepped up to the plate and took charge by rounding up the events we have in place already and creating a tour for the US. That person happened to be none other than the Australian Nick Barton of Krash Industries.

I have been actively pursuing the idea of linking all the States’ biggest contests and freerides for quite some time now, and everyone really wanted to make something happen and were really positive about it, but it seemed like we just couldn’t find someone who was willing to put the Tour on their back and organize the whole thing.

Finally, one day Nick, who also started and organizes the Australian Freeride National Tour, said, “You know what the sport needs is a National Freeride Tour in the USA. I’ll do it!”

Right after that, I put him in contact with the different event organizers here in the states and then BOOM! the next thing you know, we’ve got the 2014 Krash Industries USA Freeride National Tour!

For 2014, the Tour has four stops planned: The first of which being in Washington at the Grayland Open in August from the 8th-9th. After that is still to be announced but is scheduled to be around September, then we’re headed to the Daytona Freeride in January (15th-18th) and finally, the end of the tour will be a stop in Virginia Beach at the Wavedaze in April from the 10th-12th.

Every stop of the tour will be judged by IFWA standards with 50-percent of the score being judged on surf riding and 50-percent being judged on aerial maneuvers.

Each stop will have five different classes allowing for all different riders to compete. Stand up classes include Masters class (35-years and older), Rookies class (beginners class judged only on surf riding), Amateur class (Surf and Aerials), Pro class (for the big guns) and finally there’s a Runabout class for all the ‘Blaster and X2 guys!

These events are designed to bring out all different levels of riders from riders competing for their first time, some of which may even be riding surf for the first time, all the way to the seasoned pros who travel around to different events in the states (and around the world) each year who are willing to put it all on the line for the win!

Everyone please come show your support for the Grayland Open and the rest of the Tour stops this year! We are very excited about the begging of this new chapter of Freeride and really hope to see each and every one of you out at this years tour stops either in the water shredding waves on your ski, on the beach soaking up some sun, partying with friends and cheering on your favorite Freeriders!

It is promised to be a good time for everyone and you should be sure not to miss it! This is history in the making people so be there and help show your support for the sport and the kick off of the new Krash Industries USA Freeride Nationals Tour! See you on the beach!

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Jake Bright

A full-time student, worker and freerider, distributor for Kal-Gard oils and lubricants as well as Krash Industries, Jake dove head first into the sport of Freeride a few years ago and never looked back. Whether on a dirt bike, snowboard, or anything he could find, pushing the limits was a must. Which has also made him no stranger to pain, and injury but like the old saying goes "you gotta pay to play."

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