Deal of The Day: Kommander-Built ’12 Rickter FR-2 (Gallery)

Say, thinking you might be wanting to jump headfirst into throwing some insane backflips or knocking out a couple Can-Cans? Well, if you’re as impatient as we are, we think we’ve found the best plug-and-play freestyle monster available. For the sum of $21,000 (or best offer), you can pick up a wild 2012 Rickter FR-­2.

Kommander Industries has mentioned that they’ll sell you the machine as a complete ski or just hull, but seriously people, why would you pass on a venerable who’s who of top level performance parts. The list is extensive, so hold on to yer butts:

It starts with a RRP billet lightweight handle pole with Cerakote Burnt Bronze tubes, RRP billet steering system, RRP 50mm Fat Bars, Kommander carbon fiber chin pad, Blowsion billet trim lever, SE billet finger throttle, Blowsion handle pole limiting rope and ODI Vans Grips.

The Rickter hull hosts a Cold Fusion Front Foot Hold, Blowsion front sponsons, Fire extinguisher mount with USCG fire extinguisher, Blowsion hood baffle kit, Blowsion red billet hood latch, and Cold Fusion billet hood prongs. Beneath the hood is a monster list of goods:

Power Factor exhaust system, Kawasaki billet Maekawa Engineering 920 Power Valve cylinder 215PSI compression, a trued and welded Kawasaki OEM crank, Free Ride case porting and raised intake path, a Rad Dudes aluminum engine cradle, Cerakote Burnt Bronze coated engine cases, bed plate, motor mount plates, a new Kawasaki OEM Starter, DASA billet front cover, KHI total loss ignition system with 1.5 pound flywheel, two Kommander flame arrestors, twin Novi 48mm carbs, billet throttle wheel, Boyesen Extreme Velocity intake kit and Rad valves, electric bilge, RRP rear fuel tank, Thrust Innovations Ti5 fuel cell with billet flip top 5-gallon cell, Kommander billet drive couplers, Zero Gravity lithium ion battery 24-cell 720 CA 5.5 pounds.

Converting all the power to trust is a 144mm Solas Magnum pump, Impros freestyle tail cone, Hooker impeller, Thrust Innovations flip nozzle, Worx intake grate, and a pair of RRP ride plates, a short and long.

Seriously, this thing is a beast. Check it out here.

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Kevin Shaw

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