Video: YouTuber Dolphin Encounter on a PWC in Newport Beach, CA

Riding a personal watercraft can take you to so many beautiful places around the world. Places that you could never see on a boat. The small footprint of riding a PWC can take you to some of the most beautiful places around the world.

At the same time PWC can take you into the wide-open ocean. Like it did for YouTuber Adam Swords. While riding his Sea-Doo. He had a once in a lifetime encounter. While riding off the coast of Newport Beach California. Adam saw dolphins, not only did he get to ride along with the dolphins. He saw one of the rarest dolphins in the world, a semi albino bottlenose dolphin. The video that Adam uploaded to his YouTube channel you can hear the excitement and amazement in his voice.

This is just one of the many experiences you can have while riding a PWC. The places you can go and the things you can see. The personal watercraft industry is so vast in the things you can do there is something for everyone everything from seeing dolphins in the wide-open ocean two pushing a 300hp race craft around a course in Arizona. Not to mention some of the best people you will ever meet in the world are PWC enthusiast.

Adam wrote,  “I saw this gorgeous yacht approaching and then noticed the dolphins were actually surfing the waves behind it. When I rode over for a closer look they spotted me and decided to put on a show!

“I definitely lost my mind! I just began shouting “No way! No way!” and shrieking like an excited child on Christmas morning. Seeing my reaction when I played the footage back was hilarious. These are 8-12ft animals and they were effortlessly jumping twice their length out of the water and in to the air.

“I’ve spent a lot of time interacting with dolphins out here in the pacific while exploring the area on my SeaDoo, but this encounter was truly unique.”

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Julian Ramirez

Julian Ramirez is an avid PWC enthusiast. He grew up in the desert of west Texas riding dirt bikes from his youth and old school VW sand rails. Until one day during A family camping trip. Julian convinces his dad that they should get a pair of JetSki‘s just to have fun with. After those first JetSki‘s it was over for Julian, he fell in love with the watercraft industry and the camaraderie and support that the community brings.

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