Freestyle World Champion Lee Stone Undergoes Major Shoulder Surgery

Being a world championship-winning competitor takes its toll on the human body. World renown big wave surfer Laird Hamilton has broken his ankle so many times that the bones fused together after not healing correctly. Jet skiers are no different, and we’re sorry to hear that Lee Stone, fresh from winning his 6th IJSBA World Championship, recently had to undergo some severe surgery to repair damage done to his shoulder.

Regarding the top image, Lee Stone wrote, “This is one of my [favorite] shots from World Finals. However, this shows just 1% of the story. Behind the scene the blood, sweat and tears that goes into making this happen. Over the last several years I have pushed myself behind limits in order to try and bring you all innovating and previously thought impossible tricks. Unfortunately, all this comes at a high price. Leading up to this year’s world championships I was suffering a major shoulder injury and at times I questioned if I’d make it [through]; multiple times during training I dislocated my shoulder and with no other option than to put my shoulder back and continue to train if I wanted to win the championship.

“Tomorrow I’m in surgery having a shoulder reconstruction and a bone graft to repair the damage I did. I’m going to have a long road to recovery and it’s definitely not going to be easy but having that World Number 1 trophy to look at each day makes every paracetamol I had to take worth it! No matter what, I’ll be back on the start line next year ready to bring you some more crazy [stuff].”

That post was followed up by a second that earlier today, writing, “It’s been a rough few days but I’m back home and resting up! Surgery went well, slightly more complex than they thought but they were able to replace the damaged anchors and re attached the labrum successfully, a ton of stitches and a bone graft from my collarbone which they fixed with screws into my shoulder to [stabilize] the movement. I have 6 weeks in a sling with no movement then I can start physio [physical therapy].”

All of us at The Watercraft Journal are sorry to hear of Stone’s injury and wish him a very speedy recovery. Lee is a true champion both on and off the water and off. And for those who didn’t get to see what elevated Lee to superstardom at this year’s World Finals, watch the video below of his flatwater double barrel roll, below.


Lee Stone | Flatwater Double Barrel Roll

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