From Ibiza; a Jet Ski Beacon in the Middle of the Mediterranean

The mysterious island of Ibiza is located in the western Mediterranean, right in the center of the oldest sea routes, linking southern Europe with northern Africa, the coasts of Israel and Egypt with the western Atlantic towns.

Throughout the centuries, the island has been inhabited by all the cultures and empires that have sailed through the Mediterranean, Phoenician merchants, Roman legions, Carthaginian troops or Berber pirates.

Ibiza Port today

It has been coveted by all, and today this has not changed. Throughout the summer, an avalanche of travelers from all over the world come to Ibiza attracted by its magnetism. Since the early ’60’s, Ibiza has become a center of cosmopolitan and hedonistic [what? – Ed] tourism, in the heat of its nature and its lively nightlife.

Today, we can find in Ibiza from Russian magnates and Arab sheikhs to young French and Italian students, all of them in search of the secret of Ibiza, all of them ready to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, the food and the parties.

A “Cala”, the little beaches of Ibiza and Formentera

The Wild Paradise
Ibiza boasts, along with Formentera (its little sister) of the incredible purity of its crystal clear waters, its wild landscapes and its small and impressive coves.

The posidonia underwater forest that covers the coast means that the cleanliness of its waters is unequaled throughout the Mediterranean. Ibiza and Formentera form a small Caribbean.

Cala Bonita

Its sharp sea line creates an infinity of natural harbors known as “calas”, and are small paradises to escape by boat or jet ski. It is common to sail along the two islands for a week without having the need of stopping at any port.

Throughout the coast we can find many restaurants and small beach bars, “chiringuitos” as locals would say, where you can enjoy the best local food or drink some cold beers without losing sight of our boat or our jet ski.

Paella & Sangria, a perfect match

Ibiza Nightlife
If Ibiza is known for something nowadays, it is for its impressive offer of nightlife and wild parties. Many of the best clubs in the world offer their shows during the summer season to many clubbers of all nationalities.

Clubs like Pacha, Amnesia, Usuahía or Hi present spectacular shows every year with world’s top DJs and international productions. Parties come in a board range of styles and multitude of genres, taking place every night of the week.

Usuahía party

There are many “Ibizas” to discover apart from the great clubs. The island still keeps a strong tradition of the hippie movement of the ’60s, and all kinds of cultures congregate with the arrival of summer.

In any corner of the island we can find a small party in the light of a bonfire any night of the year. There is something for everyone, it’s a matter of searching and finding your place in the night of Ibiza.

Routes on Jet Ski in Ibiza
The predominant wind in Ibiza is usually a light east wind, so the west coast offers very calm waters a lot of days a year, and the best spots to discover by jet ski in Ibiza. And you can do so by renting a Yamaha WaveRunner from Es Vedra Charter Ibiza.

The port from where all west coast routes stars is San Antonio de Porrtmany, once Portus Magnus of the roman empire, and the most beautiful and big bay in Ibiza island.

Es Vedra

In this area we can also find the majestic islet of Es Vedra, which rises in the middle of the sea like an immense beacon.

Departing from San Antonio to visit Es Vedra is one of the most popular routes, where we can see the best coves of the island and among them the old canteen, “Sa Pedrera” known today as Atlantis, after the hippies of the 60 and 70 years carved into the rocks with his new sculptures.

This tour can be done in 2 hours, although it is advisable to take more time to enjoy everything with calm.

Another very advisable Ibiza Jet Ski route is to visit the islets of “Ses Margarides” to the north of the Island.

These islets are in the most wild and natural part of Ibiza, and the route is full of cliffs and caves that deserve the expedition. Departing from San Antonio this route lasts approximately one hour and a half.

If we have more time, we can continue to the north, to the Benirras cove, one of the most popular because of its natural beauty. This cove has become world famous for gathering every Sunday to all kinds of percussionist musicians who celebrate the sunset to the rhythm of their drums, in a unique show.

During the winter season the local riders organize a tour around Ibiza island that in the course of a day, stops at the best spots and ends with a good dinner and the obligatory party.

When to Visit Ibiza?
Ibiza is a good destination for lovers of jet skis throughout the year, because temperatures never reach ice in winter. It is true that the island suffers a tourist boom during the months of July and August, where the presence of travelers from around the world is concentrated to the maximum.

Therefore, the best months to enjoy jet ski in Ibiza are from May to June and from September to November, being able to discover the coast without the burden of the high season and with the water warm enough to not need wetsuit.

Article by Arturo Castro from Es Vedra Charter, a company that offers jet ski tours and rentals in Ibiza and Formentera.

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