Video: FuelTech Unlocks ’24 RXP-X 325 With Standalone ECU Kit

Well, that didn’t take too long. With all of the record-shattering happening at this past weekend’s HydroDrags, you might’ve missed that FuelTech showed up with a fully unlocked 2024 Sea-Doo RXP-X 325. To the neophyte, this might not sound like a big deal but to those who understand the drastic changes made for 2024, what FuelTech accomplished is impressive to say the least.

In terms of electronics, the 325 is completely different from the 300: it has a new ECU – the same “locked” BOSCH ECU used on the top performance Can-Am Maverick models, different connector and pinout from the previous model. Rotax also added a wideband O2 sensor and fuel system with an external driver for the fuel pump, allowing to adjust psi upon demand.

Picking up the 2024 Sea-Doo RXP-X 325 with just a week before HydroDrags, FuelTech’s options were slim. Unlocking the stock ECU has challenged tuners for two years, so FuelTech’s CEO Anderson Dick quickly developed a basic plug-and-play harness and equipped a standalone FuelTech ECU.

Anderson told The Watercraft Journal, “It took many hours […] to understand the higher complexity CAN bus communication with the OEM dashboard and iBR module, since the new ECU for 2024 has different protocol.

“Fortunately, we were able to finish the full CAN bus integration so […] everything works like stock, including the gauge cluster, the IBR module with Reverse, Neutral and Forward manipulation as well of VTS trim control, the stock start/stop and key.”

Using a base map developed for the previous 300-horsepower models, FuelTech was able to achieve 81mph (on the dashboard) @ 8300rpm producing 15psi – and using 75% injector duty cycle. Per Anderson, “This was on a ski with literally 0 hours and full tank [of fuel] at Georgia elevation” and then it went straight to Hydrodrags for Angelica to race it!

The best news is that this kit is available today! The FuelTech FT550 plug-and-play harness is immediately available for the 2024-up Sea-Doo 325 and requires FT550 ECU; one NanoPRO wideband conditioner to run the stock O2 sensor and a 3-channel OEM igniter module or a FuelTech SparkPRO-3 igniter module. Altogether, that’s just over $3,550.

All of this gives you full tuning – not only fuel and timing but also fuel pump control, throttle control strategies and many ways, traction control and a lot of data acquisition. FuelTech did it, folks! And there are few more trusted in the world of performance engine tuning.

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