Gallery: 2022 King’s Cup Triple Crown Jet Ski World Series

This year’s Kings Cup was definitely one for the record books! With Covid peaking its head into the event we found ourselves having to be tested at the race site before you could even enter the event. Every three days each person went through a rapid AT test and if you passed, you received a wrist band that allowed you into the event. Even as you came into the event they took your temperature and sprayed your hands with alcohol. These protocols made many feel safe at the races. Masks were also required when not on the race course and the racers, crews and spectators followed the rules.

Racing started on Wednesday and some classes had qualifiers to make the four moto format. A full production crew was one site to film the event, allowing for enthusiasts around the world to watch the fast paced action live! The race was on live TV around Thailand and Eurostar networks. With over 100 PWC racing and from many countries around the world, it was surely an outstanding event. Class A and B races followed a two day, four moto format that made it so anything was possible!

At this event there was Junior ski and Spark classes. They each ran the track one at a time for lap times, and each one ran it over a few days for a total of three runs. With lap times around a minute and a half, it wasn’t bad to watch and each spectator could see the time on the large timer that was on the starting tower. This is a great way to get younger racers into racing and is very safe as they are on the track alone.

Pro-am Runabout was another large group that had to qualify for the motos. In years past, we’ve seen Yamaha win the upper class in this race but this year with the new Sea-Doo T3R hull (RXP-X) they took the top three positions. It will be good to see this year’s racing and see how the two manufactures compare as we move forward. Nuttakorn Pupakdee from Thailand took first while Permphon Teerapatpanich (also from Thailand) took second with Mattias Siimann from Estonia taking the third spot on the podium.

Pro-am Women ski stock was also a great race to witness as many from around the world showed up on the line! After the four motos where completed, we had Jasmiin Ypraus from Estonia take the top spot with Lullana Duangphophim from Thailand taking second and Mami Kaneko from Japan rounding off the top three.

Valentina Lezcano shared, “Triple Crown Jet Ski World Series was one for the books! From traveling to Poland for the first round to then going to Havasu for the second round, and finally ending the tour in Thailand – and winning the Pro 1100 Open class Triple Crown! The race venue was by far the most well organized race I have ever been to and the hospitality was like no other. The race course was one of the toughest tracks I’ve been on but so worth it! I’m proud to say I was able to bring home some nice hardware for Team USA!”

Pro Ski GP started with Quinten Bossche taking Moto 1, and then Kevin Reiterer taking the second moto followed by Quinten taking the third moto giving him 168 point to Kevin’s 166, making Moto 4 the deciding moto. Quinten hole shotted and kept the lead until a small mistake separating him from his craft allowed Kevin to pass for the lead. When the checker flag came out it was Kevin taking Moto 4 and the overall win. Quinten finishing 3rd in that moto was enough for a second overall and Raphael Maurin taking the third spot on the podium.

IJSBA World Champion Tory Snyder told The Watercraft Journal, “[It was a] great week with my family in Thailand. Not the outcome we wanted but we still came out with the World Series trophy. We learned a lot and are ready to come back next year even stronger.”

Runabout GP was incredible with these large runabouts that run big turbo motors and full carbon fiber hulls – so they are like the F1 of the water! Consistency was the winner of this race. With many of the top seeded racers having minor issues from broken steering cables to electrical issues allowing the more reliable crafts take the over all at the end of Moto 4! Marcus Jorgensen took the top spot with Mohammad Burbayea second and Mohammad Albaz rounding the top three!

Mohammed Burbayea, Runabout GP Triple Crown winner, told us, “The championship was great! I was happy I had the chance to participate. The procedures of the organizing country was outstanding; the proper approach and cooperation with the contestants, and a special thanks to those who were the reason of the race success. [I am] so happy I won this race, and got the title of this championship twice!”

All photography provided by Triple Crown Jet Ski World Series. For original prints, please visit HERE. Additionally, you can find these and all the other results on the World Cup website.

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