Gallery: Hydro-Turf Jet Jam Season Finale; Lake Ming, Bakersfield, CA

The 2019 Hydro-Turf Jet Jam Racing Tour has come to its final stop at Lake Ming in Bakersfield, CA, on Aug 24th and 25th. This is a small lake adjacent to the Kern River and is well known for its fishing and boat races. It is a great location to hold an event and everyone loved camping there with its amazing park like setting.

With the first band snap on Saturday morning, the Junior racers were off and running. The combined 10-12 and 13-14 year-olds put down awesome laps out there with Dominic Cannady taking first in the 13- 14 Ski GP Stock class Saturday. However, on Sunday, newcomer Mckenzie Schexnyder took first.

Dane Duda of Newport Beach took the first place win for both Saturday and Sunday in the 10-12 class. With these daily overalls it put Dane Duda in first place for the season overall in 10-12 and Dominic Cannady in first place for the 13-14 class. Dominic raced very hard this year and made it to every Jet Jam race, including one in Florida, which landed him a stunning Bud Light electric guitar.

The Vintage Ski class has grown enormously over the 2019 season. With 30 riders in the 550 class, 20 in the 650/750 class and 27 in the X2 class, these racers put on crazy racing. On Saturday, James Hendry of Lake Havasu City, AZ on his Wonder Bread ski took the win away from Tim Tynan in the 650/750 class. But on Sunday, Andrew Cecere of Hermosa Beach edged out Hendry for the win. James attended almost all Jet Jam races making him the season overall champion in the 650/750 class.

In the 550 class, Michael Prodanovich grabbed himself a first place on Saturday and a third on Sunday leaving him 2nd overall for the season. Austin Richardson, who has been consistent all season attending most of the races, swooped in for his first place title in this class. Vintage X2 had some massive battles this year between Hayden Item of Discovery Bay, CA and Kyle Cameron of Lake Havasu City, AZ. Hayden ended up with ski troubles on Saturday afternoon almost opening the door for Kyle to take his season overall position, but Hayden came through and secured that first place season overall position by a mere 12 points.

Ski GP5 Stock class, the largest class of this season with over 35 total riders, turned out to be the class to watch this year. Saturdays Top 3 included Kyle Kreeger in first place, Stevie Bascom in second place and Dominic Cannady in third. Sunday these three racers had some new competition come in. Tallon Chambers took first place, Seth Fuhrman in second and Stevie Bascom in third. The season overalls were Kyle Kreeger in first place, Mason Courson in second place and Dominic Cannady in third by just 2 points. These juniors who have moved up the ranks this last season were out to prove they are not to be reckoned with.

The Ski GP3 2-Stroke class probably had some of the fiercest competition of the season between Caleb Kile and Matt Rollings. And, to throw some fun in the mix, there was Bob Vassallo hitting up all the last NorCal races. Caleb Kile of Bishop, CA took a sweeping victory with a first on Saturday and Sunday, but most importantly this sealed his first place season overall. He attended all the West Coast races and had the most points of any other racers for the series. Caleb took home an amazing price by Speed Vegas. He will be taking an off-road challenge package worth $1500. Congratulations on a season well done.

The Runabout GP3 F/I Stock class on Saturday were very interesting. Tony Beck took the win after Troy Leseney was up to his old tricks of going the wrong way on the course. But he soon redeemed himself by taking the first on Sunday. Troy Leseney, who attended every race this year including Florida, took the season overall followed by Colin Richards in second place and Tony Beck in third.

This lead to the final Ski GP1 race of the weekend. The line up included Brock Austin, Pete Zernik, Ian Roberts, Aaron Gewecke and Cooper Schexnyder. Aaron came out and dominated the race on his Bullet V4, even after a dead engine start in one of the motos. Cooper raced hard on his Kommander GP1 taking second on Saturday. This kid is fast and will be one to watch as he comes up the ranks.

Schexnyder also raced 3 classes each day totally 12 races and about 80 laps! The season overall went to Ian Roberts of Sparks, NV followed by Pete Zernik in 2nd and Aaron Gewecke in third. Ian won an amazing driving experience prize from Speed Vegas worth $3,500! For more info on Speed Vegas please visit

Jet Jam had one heck of race season. The riders waited all weekend to get to final season prize giveaway. The Kawasaki 1500 SX-R sponsored by River Rat Motorsports was won by Tallon Chambers. This ski went to a great home. Through all the growing pains, the highs and lows, the Red Shirt crew did an amazing job this year. Huge shout out to Bill, Kary and Brock Austin for a fantastic job this year. They have brought back an excitement to racing that has been missing for a long time in this sport.

Chris Heppe said it well, “This family is seriously an anomaly among families. The rarity of work ethic is unexplainable. They work instead of retire and spend to provide others an opportunity to do what they love doing themselves so much and it is dramatically apparent. There is nothing but appreciation, love and respect.” Everyone is looking forward to the 2020 season. For all the race results and the season overall points please visit the website at

Photography provided by Kenny Wong

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  1. Lisa Price 3 October, 2019 at 13:37 Reply

    Fantastic write up Nic! And I could not possibly agree any more with Chris Heppe’s comments. The AWSA and this Red Shirt crew have a mind-blowing work ethic, and nothing but the deepest love and appreciation for our sport and the riders who race with them.

    For those of you who haven’t experienced a Jet Jam/AWSA event just yet, I strongly suggest you hop on board for the 2020 season – it’ll be a fantastic ride you’ll never forget!

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