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“I believe that everyone feels like a kid on Christmas morning when they purchase a Jet Ski, regardless of whether it’s their first, an upgrade or just one they have been eying for a while. Nevertheless, soon after that epic first ride you will always look at ways to make it more ‘you’.”’s James Tod told The Watercraft Journal.

Over the years, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo and Yamaha have been offering the market a range of choices to suit all riding needs, but today people want the ability to truly express themselves – whether its by adding aftermarket performance parts, vinyl decals or seat covers and traction mats.

“At,” Tod continued. “We offer the ability to customize any seat to create a new look and feel for any ski. If it’s making an old ski look alive again, ensuring the seat is ‘extra grippy’, matching in with new graphics or just standing out from the rest of the factory standards – We’ve got it covered (yes, literally).”

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According to Tod, about sixty percent of’s customers want to change their seat in one way or another – so the ability to offer this service adds to their “expression of individualism and passion as a rider,” Tod said.

“As each ski is done specifically to the customer’s request, we usually ask for the seat to be dropped off and left with us for about one week, allowing time to design, create and wrap the seat. Some of the results are truly remarkable transforming the whole look of a ski.”

The process is still very new for the company, but looks to become a regular offering. Tod concluded, “With some very positive feedback will continue offering this custom service to all.“

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James Tod

James started with a 440 stand up at the age of 12. The addiction grew, resulting in James traveling to AMI in Daytona USA at the age of 15, completing the only watercraft technician course available in the world and earning honors. He started his own jet ski shop in 2000, growing his business from a workshop to a dealership, to largest importer of new and used watercraft in Australia. While staying true to the passion of riding jet skis, he still runs the largest jet ski club in Australia with over 1,200 members.

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