Gallery: Moreton Island Wrecks; a Journey, Not Just a Destination

Our club president, Tom, had to be at work at 4:30 pm, so he started early from Cleveland. This would allow him to finish a bit earlier. The group were all meeting at the Southport Ramp at the end of Smith St at 6:30 am. While it was an early start for Tom, he got to enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the Bay on his way from Cleveland to Southport. We always have a safety brief before our rides. We want everyone to arrive home safely. To help everyone enjoy the ride, we ask all riders to follow directly in one line, this means that the riders at the rear are still enjoying the same smooth water as the front riders.

We left the ramp and headed to Raby Bay Marina for our first fuel stop. owner James, lead the group on an adventure through the mangroves. The water was smooth, the scenery spectacular. Having a lead rider and a rear rider that knows the waterways so well, means the group are kept together and we have no fear of anyone getting lost or left behind. We stopped at Horseshoe Bay at Peel Island on our way. Arriving at Raby Bay Marina at about 9:30, where all of the skis filled their tanks. After securing the skis, we all had breakfast at a restaurant at the Marina.

We left the Marina at 11am and headed to our destination for the day, the Wrecks on Moreton, often referred to the Tangalooma Wrecks. The Wrecks are always a beautiful destination, offering some of the best snorkeling with an abundance of marine life. Occasionally a Dugong can be seen and some of the riders would have seen the pod of Dolphins cruising along near the island.

Club president, Tom had to leave the Wrecks and take a fast trip back to Cleveland, while one other experienced rider chose to take challenge of crossing the bay at high speed, the rest were lead by owner James. The group needed to stick together and some riders were feeling the effects of the long ride. We had some new riders who had only been on their ski five hours before this ride. These guys soaked up the atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the riders seemed to be struggling with keeping up the pace required to complete the journey before dark. James, being experienced in leading, made the call to have this rider picked up from Victoria Point on a trailer, so he could get the rest of the group back safely on water, before dark. This is what is so great about the group rides, everyone is looked after. Thanks to all those who participated.

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James Tod

James started with a 440 stand up at the age of 12. The addiction grew, resulting in James traveling to AMI in Daytona USA at the age of 15, completing the only watercraft technician course available in the world and earning honors. He started his own jet ski shop in 2000, growing his business from a workshop to a dealership, to largest importer of new and used watercraft in Australia. While staying true to the passion of riding jet skis, he still runs the largest jet ski club in Australia with over 1,200 members.

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