Get Boosted On RIVA’s Sea-Doo XXX-2 Supercharger


If you are trying to get more performance out of your supercharged Sea-Doo, the RIVA Racing XXX-2 supercharger is definitely an item to look into. It will significantly increase the throttle response, horsepower, and top speed of any supercharged 215, 255, or 260 horsepower Sea-Doo.

The RIVA XXX-2 supercharger features a lightweight 140mm billet aluminum supercharger impeller, which is precision-balanced for smooth, linear power delivery. It is also built with a billet spacer, aftermarket bearings for higher RPM, and also re-machined housings for increased volume and air flow.

So now that we know what makes this supercharger so special, what kind of boost does it make? At 8200RPM, the XXX-2 makes 15psi, at 8500RPM it’s making 16psi, and at 9000RPM it is capable of 18psi! That’s twice the boost that a stock 260 supercharger makes!

Best of all, this is a direct replacement of the OEM supercharger, so no need for any custom work. It does require some other parts as well, though. To run this supercharger, you would need an aftermarket tuned ECU, larger injectors, and also a RIVA fuel pressure regulator kit.

Who is the targeted market? Well, pretty much anyone looking to get the most performance possible out of their Sea-Doo. Whether you are a weekend warrior trying to have a faster ski than all your friends or an Open class racer, the RIVA XXX-2 supercharger is worth a look. RIVA Racing sponsored rider Erminio Iantosca uses this on his supercharged Open class RXP-X 260. The Sea-Doo XXX-2 supercharger is available in the RIVA online store for $1699.95.

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