Go To PWC Performance For Dean’s Team ECU Reflashes for Yamahas

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Wanna run what the racers use? Of course you do. While plenty of people will try to entice you with “our stuff is just like what is ran by the professionals” getting the goods from the actual race team owners and parts developers seems like a long shot…but not anymore. PWCPerformance.com just announced that you can get your hands on the same exact performance ECU calibrations used by National Tour and AquaX champion Yamaha racers Dean’s Team through their online store.

“With over 20 years of experience in watercraft racing world, and over 30 years in motorsports racing, Dean Charrier has built Dean’s Team into one of the most prolific and respected names in the industry,” PWC Performance’s Jerry Gaddis wrote. “Since 2009, Dean’s Team and Yamaha Factory Racing have worked together to build the strongest and most consistent team in watercraft racing. Dean’s Team was recently awarded as the Team of The Year by P1 AquaX after dominating the 2015 season.”


By visiting the PWCPerformance.com online store, you’ll find that there’s a whole array of available ECU reflash services, elevating your WaveRunner from a Level 1 performance reflash designed to work with all stock OEM components, all the way to a Level 6 reflash that elevates your SVHO to 8,600-plus-rpm speeds. And if you look closely, there’s a total of 11 different reflashes, allowing you the option of each level as-is or with a engine-saving, mileage-friendly “Cruise” option.

The level of air-to-fuel mapping data gathering here is extensive and genuine Dean’s Team software. This isn’t some knockoff trying to pass off their goods as “just like Dean’s Team” – no, this is the real deal. You can elevate your machine from mid-70s without breaking a sweat to pushing mid-to-high 90s with the use of some RIVA Racing Stage kit equipment all without leaving PWCPerformance.com.

Just remember, this is a reflash service, so once you make your order, you’re gonna have to ship your ECU to the address provided for the reflash service. All of the instructions are included.


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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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