HP Tuners Now Offers Diagnostic & Calibration Support for Sea-Doo

Those with interests within the world of late-model automotive performance tuning will likely be very familiar with industry leader and pioneer, HP Tuners. The Watercraft Journal’s sister publication, Mopar Connection Magazine has been working closely with HP Tuners for years, particularly after the company announced its mastering of the Fiat engine management software for all third generation HEMI engines – especially the supercharged 840-horsepower, 9-second Dodge Demon.

So it came as a welcomed surprise when we learned that HP Tuners had launched a new division providing diagnostic and calibration support for the Rotax-powered Sea-Doo and Can-Am powertrains. This announcement gives performance enthusiasts a new way to fully unlock their Sea-Doo via ECM tuning. HP Tuners’ VCM Editor & Scanner offers “better defined parameters compared to the competitors and state-of-the-art data logging capabilities.”

Whether you’re looking for improved user-friendliness, cost-effective diagnostics, scanning, logging, calibration and/or data acquisition solutions for your Sea-Doo watercraft, HP Tuners now brings a new level of available performance and accessibility than before. We’ve included both the video announcement and public press release below. Enjoy:

Below is the official press release from HP Tuners:

HP Tuners is thrilled to announce their official release of diagnostic and calibration support for most models of Sea-Doo personal watercraft. Using HP Tuners’ latest generation OBDII interface device, the MPVI2+, and the latest version of VCM Suite software, personal watercraft enthusiasts can get the most performance out of their watercraft.

HP Tuners’ diagnostic and calibration support is leading the way for more enthusiasts to unlock the full-potential of their Sea-Doo through ECM tuning. The VCM Editor and Scanner offer more defined parameters compared to the competitors and state-of-the- art data logging capabilities. Paired with the flagship MPVI2+ device, HP Tuners provides the most user-friendly and cost-effective diagnostics, scanning, logging, calibration, and data acquisition solutions for watercraft support in the industry.

Their credit-based licensing system allows enthusiasts to license and tune up to thousands of Sea-Doo watercrafts with a single MPVI2+ device—an HP Tuners’ OBDII Adapter Cable is required for powersports applications. The VCM Suite includes both VCM Editor and VCM Scanner and is available as a free download. Once enthusiasts purchase MPVI2+ credits on their website for their specific Sea-Doo, the tuning possibilities are endless.

ABOUT HP TUNERS HP Tuners is the leading diagnostics and tuning solution for vehicle aftermarket performance with over 19 years of expertise. From vehicle diagnostics, data logging, scanning, and calibration, they cover all the bases with their flagship MPVI2+ device and VCM software suite—the only diagnostics and tuning solutions enthusiasts and tuning professionals will ever need for their OBDII equipped import and domestic vehicles and powersport applications.

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