IFWA Tour Round 2: Montalivet, France

Pierre Maixent would dominate the brackets and rise to the top of the podium for the 10th anniversary of the Montalivet event.

Last weekend the world’s best freeride jet skiers gathered in France for Round 2 of the IFWA tour. It was the 10th anniversary for the Jet Jump contest held at Montalivet beach. The entry list has continued to grow each year, with riders from all over the world. This year showcased the best standup and sit down riders competing to earn points towards the IFWA world championship title. New for 2014 is a Women’s division. It’s great to see some women participating in the sport.

Americans Zack Bright and Brandon Lawlor shipped their skis across the pond, and packed their bags for the French coast; Bright riding a Krash Industries Predator built by the team at Blowsion, and Lawlor riding his Rickter FR2 built by TC Freeride.

The TC Freeride team is so close to each other, Brandon Lawlor loaned his teammate from Mexico, Abraham Ho his purple and yellow Rickter to compete on for his heats. That really shows us the family in the Freeride world.

American Brandon Lawlor fell to Maixent before moving onto the quarter finals.

The riders head to Round 3 of the IFWA this weekend in the UK.

Zack Bright couldn’t be missed in his Burn Industries gear and his bright paint job. Although, Lawlor could be the model for Jet Pilot with his matching purple and yellow throw back colors. That really shows us the family in the Freeride world.

The waves were 1-to-3 foot with some wind chop for most of the competition and the riders always come out to display their biggest bag of trick no matter the conditions. This is what makes this sport so entertaining. Riders were throwing themselves, pushing the limits to move onto the next heat. The format was head to head competition. Up riding first was Brandon Lawlor who took down James Shield and forced Shields into the LCQ. Up next was Abraham Ho who out rode Romain Coureau forcing Romain into the LCQ. Zack Bright rode flawlessly in his heat against Theo Roman and moved onto Heat 3.

In the top 16 riders for round 3, Lawlor had a tough draw with one of the best in the world, Pierre Maxient. Lawlor wouldn’t advance as Pierre riding was too much. Abraham Ho took on Federicho Bufacchi in round 3 and Federicho came out on top. Zack Bright rode against Steven Foot in round 3 and had a strong run to move onto the quarter finals. Zack Bright got revenge for Abraham against Federico in the quarter finals to move onto the semi-finals.

Zack Bright, the only American to make is past the quarterfinals, was now riding against Australian Michael Anthony. Michael came out on top and earned an entry into the finals against Pierre Maxient. Zack Bright would go onto defeat Gil Beurnier in the consolation finals earning 3rd place and getting on the podium. Pierre Maxient would take down Michael Anthony in the finals earning the number one spot up on the podium.

*All images courtesy of Brandon Lawlor and Ludovic Mouveau at Fullgaz.

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