Introducing Tiger Craft’s Answer to The WaveBlaster, The New Viper

In the ever-growing world of super trick freestyle and surf riding skis the name Tiger Craft can’t be ignored. Tiger Craft has made a name for themselves by designing and producing exceptionally strong and lightweight hull designs for Yamaha SuperJet-based, freestyle standup skis. Proof that this company really is run by watercraft enthusiasts is apparent as they announce their plans to revive the surf riding legend-the Yamaha WaveBlaster. The name of this new project is the “Viper.”

When Yamaha produced the WaveBlaster twenty-plus years ago it did not take long for people to notice how well the watercraft did in the surf. Tiger Craft announced that these new Vipers will be based on the old ‘Blasters, but every part will be new, redesigned, and vastly improved.

In Tiger Craft’s designs they have enhanced the hull design by using their proven surf rocker design, shortened the rear end of the ski by three inches, increased water flow in the pump, upgraded seat mounting to a motocross style seat, improved air intake design and general strength of the entire hull and motor mounts. They even made it possible to run a fuel tank, water box, and exhaust from a SuperJet that will improve the center of gravity and overall handling of the watercraft.

This is not the first time that a company has released plans to make some sort of new age ‘Blaster, but in Tiger Craft’s own words, “We can say without a doubt that this is one ‘Blaster hull you will see this year.”

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Kyle Cunliffe

Since he was a kid, Kyle’s loved anything with a motor and a throttle, whether it was cars, quads, go carts, name it. Growing up in Southern California with access to mountains, dunes, rivers, lakes, and the ocean, it’s no wonder he spent his childhood outside at every possible moment. He’s been riding personal watercraft from a young age and had already racked up several speeding tickets before his 16th birthday.

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