Jet Ski World Cup Rolls Out Overview Schedule 2021

Man, 2020 was a crazy year (and frankly, 2021 ain’t looking all that rosy either) and a major surprise for many in the personal watercraft racing community was the delay of the Jet Ski World Cup (y’know, the “King’s Cup”) from its usual spot in early December to all the way until April 21st-through-25th of 2021. While this certainly messed up a lot of people’s racing ambitions, heavy travel restrictions due to COVID-19 made hosting the event earlier an impossibility.

Now with vaccinations being widely distributed and authoritarian lock downs being eased in many countries, Pattaya, Thailand’s World Series event is nearing closer. In preparation for the big event, organizers recently published an overview schedule for the week’s racing, which you can read HERE. Obviously, for those stateside, there’s quite a bit of preparation needed, so it’s best you jump on your reservations now and start arranging for transportation of your ski, gear and other necessities.

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Kevin Shaw

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