Kawasaki to Reopen “Good Times World” in Kobe, Japan


Whether you’re a watercraft enthusiast, a motorcycle enthusiast, or both – the Kawasaki Good Times World located in Kobe, Japan, is a real treat to visit in your lifetime. In short, it’s a spectacular display which boasts more than one hundred years of engineering marvel throughout Kawasaki’s history in the making; and in this century, we are fortunate to say it’s been reopened in honor of its craftsmanship.

Beginning this month, enthusiasts can once again revisit this iconic maritime museum in Japan, to experience some of the most exciting machinery that Kawasaki has to offer. Alongside displaying some of the company’s greatest motorcycle offerings reveals the ‘Heritage Zone’, a spectacular treat for enthusiasts looking to receive a broad and in-depth history lesson on how Kawasaki started.

Speaking of history, Kawasaki has added an all-new exhibit on display at the Good Times World museum. In celebration of the 120th anniversary of Kawasaki, a special event will take place where enthusiasts will have the visual pleasure of examining an authentic Hien Type 3 fighter place on display (which was recently restored at the Kawasaki Gifu Works). While the main focus of the exhibit is on the fighter plane and its restoration, its secondary purpose is to introduce enthusiasts to the evolution of supercharger technology.

For those of you looking for more of a ‘hands-on’ experience, check out the museum’s RideEX riding simulator – where you can take two laps around a circuit on a Ninja ZX-10R sportbike. For more information on the reopening of the Good Times World, including ticket and parking information, head over to Kawasaki’s website, and checkout the dates for availability.

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